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Concours Elvis Contest
Enjoy some great memories of the 1997 World Elvis Contest in Montreal. You will be surprised to see some of your favourite Tribute Artists that took part in the event 17 years ago!
Profitez des souvenirs inoubliables du monde Elvis concours 1997 à Montréal. Vous serez surpris de voir certains de vos artistes préférés d'hommage qui a participé à l'événement il y a 17 ans !
From the ETA Radio Archives
Enjoy video clips of the 14th annual
"Montreal Elvis Performers Showcase"
 Profitez des clips vidéo du 14ème annuel
« Montréal Elvis Performers Showcase »
Elvis Tribute Artist Radio, November 2003
Lady Luck Music.com Guest: Scotty Moore, Elvis Presley's original guitarist.
Matt Nardi dancing with Cynthia Pepper who was in the movie Kissin’ Cousins with Elvis Presley.  The show was in Quebec City  on Sunday, Nov. 9 and also featured Shawn Klush and Cody Slaughter.
Lady Luck Music is celebrating a milestone in Elvis Tribute contests on March 28, 2015.  25 years ago, a young Jonny Yumang was filmed by a fan in the audience, at a venue in Montreal.  Before "Pocket songs" and tracks became the popular way to back a tribute artist,  the combination of live and programmed music was the route taken to supply the music for the performers.  A younger Joanna Johnson (on keys & background vocals) and Jimmy Redmond  ("flying V" guitarst and programmer) of Lady Luck, can also be seen in this video.  Enjoy some great memories folks and we hope to see you at the 25th annual Montreal Elvis Peoples Choice Competition on March 28th, 2015.  For info, write to elvis@ladyluckmusic.com or call 514-637-5458 or 1-800-431-1734 to leave a message.
"Long Live The King OF Music"! Starring Shawn Klush & Cody Ray Slaughter, with special guest Terry Blackwood of the Imperials, Elvis' Gospel back up singers. Also performing, is young Matt Nardi from Montreal.  A must see presentation on November 14, 2015 at the Salle Jean-Paul Tardif College St-Charles Garnier, 950 Joffre St., Quebec City, G1S 4Z3.  
"Long Live The King OF Music"! Mettant en vedette Shawn Klush & Cody Ray Slaughter, avec invité spécial Terry Blackwood de The Imperials, group vocal d'Elvis. Sur scène, est aussi jeune Matt Nardi de Montréal. Présentation le 14 novembre 2015 à la Salle Jean-Paul Tardif College St-Charles Garnier, 950 Joffre St., Quebec City, G1S 4Z3    Pic by Doug McCready
The 25th annual "Montreal Elvis Peoples Choice" took place on March 28th, 2015. Enjoy a quick recap along with photos of the entertainers by clicking on this link.   
La 25e annuel "Choix du Peuples Montreal" a eu lieu le 28 mars 2015.  Appréciez un récap rapide ainsi que des photos des artists en cliquant sur ce lien.                                                         pic by Doug McCready
2015 Lake George 1st place winner Sylvain Leduc charms the audience at Lady Luck Music's 15th Annual Montreal Elvis Performers Showcase.   Click here for pictorial of the event.
2015 Lake George 1er place gagnant Sylvain Leduc a séduit le public au 15e Annuel "Elvis Performers Showcase" à Montréal . Cliquez ici pour l'image de l'événement.                     Pic by Doug McCready
Spittin’ Image
South-West Montreal sings publicly for the first time in decades at Lady Luck Music's 2015 Elvis Birthday Show. Mike was a guest at the event and surprised everyone when he agreed to sing a song for the eager crowd.
Mama Liked the Roses
Elvis Baggio back for another
big show in Montreal at PDA!
Elvis Week 2015
Martin  Fontaine in "Elvis Experience" March, 2016
at Theatre St Denis.
Fans de Québec sont impatients de voir leur actrice favorite
du "King", Martin Fontaine en "Elvis Experience" le mois
de mars 2016 au Théâtre St Denis
After 30 years on the scene, Mike Vani is a local legend you will enjoy seeing once again.  Relive some great memories when Mike appears as Elvis, along with other Tribute Artists, in "Merry Christmas Baby" at the LaSalle Legion on Dec 12. Click here.
Après 30 ans de rendre hommage à la "King", Mike Vani est devenu une légende locale. Le voici en Concert en 2003. Revivez quelques bons souvenirs quand Mike revient sur la scène le 12 décembre 2015, avec les autres personificateurs à la Légion de LaSalle. Clique ici.
Smiles, laughter and sheer excitement was had by all, as the fantastic performers Marcus Wells (Elton John & Elvis), Mike Vani, Sylvain Leduc, Brent Freeman (Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis & Elvis), Kirk Francois, Dan Guilbault and John Carpenter paid tribute with LOVE, endearing themselves to the very ultra-receptive and appreciative Montreal audience!  Thank you boys, we love you!                                                                                                                             LLM's production of "Merry Christmas Baby" was yet another successful show and with the ambiance of the Christmas Spirit, it was easy for the crowd to become emotional when listening to Elvis Christmas songs. Thank you Montreal for attending the show, for showing your support to the performers, and for all the donations towards the Christmas baskets!  God bless and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy & healthy New Year.  Pictured here is Brent Freeman as Elvis, teasing all the gals in the house!  Check out the video, below left or click here to view on YouTube.
Brent Freeman as Elvis, teasing all the gals in the house!       (pic by Doug McCready)
Merry Christmas Baby 2015
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Montreal has never seen anything like it!  See 20 Celebrity Impersonators competing Friday, March 25! Click on the above poster
Montréal n'a jamais vu quelque chose comme ça! Voir 20 Sosies Célébrités en compétition vendredi le 25 mars!
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The best of the best celebrate 26 years of Elvis Tribute contests in Montreal Sat 26 March. Click on the above poster
La crème de la crème fête 26 ans de concours Hommage à Elvis en Montréal, sam le 26 mars  
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