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Elvis impersonator listing

Here they are, the people behind the voices, the talent that made our show possible, the Tribute Artists themselves. We list them in no particular order. You will find a small bio, pictures and an audio clip,
so you can hear the voices that make up our show. Most of the artists have their own web site and e-mail, so you can find out even more about them and where they perform, or simply drop them a line.
As each monthly show is featured on the net, we will add new profiles to the list of existing performers. You will find a small bio, pictures, and an audio clip so you can hear the voices that make up our show. If you see a star beside the artist’s photo, this will indicate he has performed in Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City, or any other major casino type venue. If you see a CD beside the artist’s photo, this indicates he has recordings for sale and can be contacted by clicking his “Homepage” link to his personal web site. Friends and fans of Elvis, Lady Luck Music proudly presents ETA Radio’s artists. Enjoy!


The following ETAs have appeared on the radio show & will have their profile pages done soon. In the meantime, we’ve linked some names to their personal web sites. Please check our playlist page for a song sample. Thanks for your patience!

August 02:
Dean Vegas, Katiuska Hanohano, Bruce Seaton
Sept 02:
Matt King, Scotty Zion, Randy Stockum, Patrick Johnson
Oct 02:
Mike Morrissette, Paul Fracassi, John Morrello
Nov 02:
Rick Duin, Rich Wilson, Brooke Allan, Trevor Cerico, Matt Scott
Jan 03:
Elvis the girl, Spencer Allan, George Wagner, Jesse Wade, Bernardo Sibuma
Feb 03:
Stewart Duff, Adam Michaels, Bryan Pittman, Tom Smith, Bob James, Adam King
March 03:
Jack Nelson, Endre Samu, Damon Hendrix, Rick Lenzi, Paul King Jr., Elvis
Shreck, Eddie Steen, Donnie Roberts, Billy Duncan
Apr 03:
Deke Rivers, Lee Ronson, Kevin Davis
May 03:
Dan Jackman, Ray Covey, Todd Martin, Justin Shandor, Paul Malloy,
Danny Stirling, Gary Wayne Bridges, Gary Elvis Stuart
June 03:
Dr.Sean Stern, Danny Dale, L'il D, Rick Alviti, George Harb
July 03:
Randy Collins, Steve Day, Paul Somers, Neil Duncan
Aug 03:
James Begley, Thane Dunn,
Sept 03:
Paul Ansel, Tim Ritchey, Randy Walker, Guido Lindt, Donnie James
Nov 03:
Jim Cartwright, Dave Sneddon, Joey Franklin, Mike Bravener, Alex Aaron,
Ted Torres, Randy Friskie
Dec 03:
Nigel Perreira, George Elias, Greg Winston, Bibby Simmons, Curtis Cowan, Kavan,
Jim Anderson
Jan 04:
Paul Casey, Sam Formica, Michael O'Connor, David Lane, Rod Carpenter
Feb 04:
Tom Alston, Jeff Warren, Michael King, John Barron, Rick Virga
March 04:
Dale (Dalevis) Beshears, Chad Langenfeld, David Muggeridge, Tom Connelly
April 04:
Bill Chrastil, Brad Crum, Jimmy T., James King, David Allen, Kjell Joerung, Dan Champagne, Will Thompson, Roustabouts
May 04: Vili V, Stuart Macleod, Colbert Hamilton, Jim K Smith, Ray Anthony,
Rob Ely, Joey Ashmore, George Pateras
June 04: Matt Joyce, Steve Murphy, Keshav Patel, Steve Dupuis, Dennis Fillion,
Clint Lucier, Andrew Howard.
July 04: Brad Bradley, Hans Ruijter, Rio.
August 04: Bill Kelly, Don Tharrett, Hank Hubert
September 04: Mike Walker, Fred Lowery, Dennis Fillion, James Aron,
Steve West
October 04: Jeff Krick, Jim Westover, Ron Moore, Jason Sikes, Larry D Sanders,
Jack Favor, Peter Sisman, Vic Provenco, David Crews.