“Regal Appeal”

He loves the laid back spirit of Country living and it’s music with a “rockier“ edge and began his career playing country music with his band. He performed in many bars over the years and also enjoyed composing original material and just recently released his first original country CD! But, Danny Vernon’s ”alter - ego“ as he puts it, pays tribute to Elvis, heart and soul, and Elvis’ music is what inspired Danny to write that country music, with a rocky edge. Both personalities are more that accepted by the fans who come out to watch Danny perform, but it must be mentioned, that when Danny dons the jumpsuit, there’s a little more screaming goin’ on, than when he wears the cowboy hat! Touring across the States, he entertains the audiences with his sweet voice and charming personality - both personalities!


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Sonny West, Estelle brown, Charlie Hodge, Danny, Pattie Parry and Al Dvorin