“Caught In A Trap”

Born Dec.1st.,1962, a child out of wedlock with the same blood type as Elvis’, David grew up to almost believe the rumors of his mother having an affair with Elvis in Germany. He bore a strong likeness to Elvis and was reminded of that from the time he was 12 yrs old, after winning an Elvis look-a-like contest; through the time he filmed “This Is Elvis”, when introduced to Elvis’ uncle Vester Presley, who asked him who his parents were; up until the time he took his own life on Jan.5th,1993. David met a lot of people during his fifteen year career as a tribute artist, touring Canada and the U.S., but unfortunately, they were not all well meaning people. It wasn’t long into his career that he developed a drug habit and fell heavily into debt. He felt he was caught in a web and couldn’t get out. There are many rumors as to the actual events of David’s life and death, but who knows for certain but David himself. Manager Jacques Gendron writes David’s biography and can be contacted at: (450) 586- 4950.

LOCATION: Montreal, Canada

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