“All In Good Faith”

Boy ETA meets girl singer and says “Did anyone ever tell you you looked like Elvis?” Boy ETA suggests she work on an act as a female ETA and Laura Landauer made her debut in Collingwood 2001 clad in the ’68 leather and received an overwhelming response! A female perspective on Elvis was genius! As Ella Vis, she has filled the bill perfectly and it won’t be long before all audiences realize her true potential! Ella Vis sings like a woman, with an unbelievable range that can sweep from a low sexy whisper to a full throttled ETA nailing the famous note in “Hurt” . She does the Elvis moves in a very feminine manner, exciting the male audience as much as the male ETA excites the women! Laura’s secret is that she does not try to personify Elvis the man, but rather Elvis the talent! A superb show-woman, Ella Vis forms a bond with her audience that will last forever! Her theatrical and musical background is extensive, she has worked as a model and actress, and is the subject of a film documentary. Ella Vis pays one respectful, classy tribute to the King - her show is as authentic as it is original and in just a short time she has earned the respect of her peers! On a sweet note, it’s charming to see the men blush like shy women when they ask her to sign their autograph book!

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LOCATION: Toronto, Ont.