“In The Service Of... ”

......Entertaining as an ETA and in the service of the Canadian Armed Forces. Since winning the LadyLuckMusic Elvis ‘96 contest at the age of 18, Johnny has been full time in the forces serving his country here and as of February, 2002, awaits orders for his unit to be sent to Afghanistan. His career as an ETA began at age fourteen, where local Elvis fans cheered him on in amazement because of his powerful vocal ability. Between haircuts while in training in the forces, Johnny would appear in shows both in Canada and in the US, was featured in productions in the Montreal Summer Festivals with Lady Luck to audiences of up to 7.000 - His singing just became stronger and his show format progressed to an even greater professional level. He loves to sing and every opportunity he gets, he’ll put on a show in his Mom’s restaurant back home in Montreal. Now that’s service....with a smile and a song!

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LOCATION: Montreal, Quebec