He is now noted for his natural charisma and excellent recreation of performing Elvis shows, but Kraig was only “acting” as Elvis at a co-worker’s birthday party, before he actually became a tribute artist! From the age of 16, he had his own rock band, performing at parties and school dances, including a few Elvis tunes in the repertoire. Bearing a strong physical and vocal resemblance to the King, is what spawned the request to do the birthday party. One month after that occasion, Kraig entered - and won - several impersonator contests all through Texas. Along with his band the “Royal Tribute Band”, a recording career ensued, of original rock material and gospel, which is frequently played on Dallas Radio stations. The heart and soul of Kraig’s performances however, lies within paying respect to his idol, Elvis - in a beautiful manner, with a lot of class!

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LOCATION: Dallas, Texas