“Called From The Womb”

Paul Ross was first introduced to the music of Elvis while in his mother’s womb, at the time of Elvis’ death! Talk about getting “All Shook Up” - That’s when an inevitable desire to become a tribute artist was born! By the age of eight, he’d recorded “Burning Love” off the radio and practiced singing along with his little guitar. Not long after that, he had a plan to perform at a family reunion ( needless to say, the whole family are Elvis fans ) He donned an oversized white shirt, white flair pants, both laden with sequins and lip-synced a complete mini Elvis show for the gang! An instant success! Paul Ross is having a ball doing what he loves to do and currently owns several authentic “Elvis” jumpsuits and is on board with the rest of the “memory keepers“ entertaining the bigger audiences! That also includes entering contests and winning the 2001 Collingwood contest and more recently, first place winner of Lady Luck Music’s ”People’s Choice Awards“ contest in Montreal, 2002. Paul is in high demand as an ETA, performing across North America in shows at large venues, as well as private and corporate functions and many charities, very much appreciated for his powerful ”Elvis“ voice and gentle nature. A far cry away from the womb and loving arms of his Mom - right into the loving arms of the audience - Paul is quickly movin’ on up to the big leagues!

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LOCATION: Ottawa, Ontario.

Ladyluckmusic’s “CC” hands Paul Ross his first place trophy after winning ETA Radio’s “People’s Choice Contest”.