Sideburns- If you must glue, here's what to buy.

Hair Dye- Make your hair your crowning glory.

Hairspray- Use the dark kind that covers hair loss.

Finger Jewelry-Be prepared to spend at least ten bucks a finger.

Scarves- Create a glamorous effect and a great souvenir.

The Jumpsuit- The correct way to size your suit and, most importantly, what you can expect to spend.

The Entrance- Learn to swagger like the King.

Choreography- Master the illusion of movement.

Teddy Bears- Toss a little something in the audience.

Schmoozing- Warm up the crowd and let your excitement build.

Rick Marino, the author of “Be Elvis”, has been a great friend of ETA Radio and to the whole Elvis Entertainment movement. He is still an active performer and has been around long enough to watch how the art of Elvis re-creation evolved. He shares his knowledge and expertise with you in Be Elvis, a truly unique and helpful book for the tribute artist, or the aspiring tribute artist. No matter what level you are at you will find something beneficial in this book. And the pictures are just the gravy on the meal. There are very limited resources for those who want to impersonate the King, Be Elvis is a must have. A book for ETAs, written by an ETA. Don’t miss it.

Rick Marino has written the definitive guide to re-creating the magic of the King.

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