One of the greatest advantages to my job as a producer, is to be able to watch the high quality talent of the ETAs we feature on the radio show. All of them contest winners, all pros, the boys with nothing to prove, because they have proved it. No competition, the Montreal crowd doesn’t need it, they are one of the most knowledgeable audiences you will find thanks to talent like this getting together annually. This year the lovely EllaVis (Laura Landauer), served as host and she added a whole new dimension to the event. She is one of the brightest, prettiest talents and I think we should all be appreciative that she chose the ETA world to showcase her gifts. Each ETA who performed in this years Showcase was exceptional and I thank them for gracing the Montreal stage. They have the heart and soul it takes to keep the memory of Elvis alive!

From left to right, Roy, Doug, Jesse, EllaVis, Paul, Don, Jay, Gino, Reggie, bottom row - Frankie & Shon

All pics taken by LLM’s Patsy Parker , unless otherwise noted. Thanks a lot Patsy.