You couldn't get a nicer, friendlier bunch of ETAs together in Montreal at one time, than at this year's Showcase. It didn't seem to matter where each came from, they all had similar stories to share about the fans back home - and - they certainly enjoyed the new fans they made here! Whether singing or talking in the hotel's lobby, dining room (till all hours of the am, it's Karaoke bar downstairs or in the halls, the boys laughter could be heard echoing throughout. They had fun in the shopping malls, Subways, the radio station and the limo - even the in the "Dollarama" or the beauty salon (pushing their faces in the glass - in front of cameras and off - and behind the scenes action that would make you blush - The comradary shown was a pleasure to witness and when it came to showtime, each poured out an Elvis heart that merits
the name "Elvis Tribute Artist" - Thank you all for being a part of our weekend, God bless untill we meet again!