Once again the Montreal "in house studio" was filled to capacity with eager fans bubbling with excitement to enjoy the talented performers who would soon grace the stage! Talk about an Elvis ambiance! Walking into the hall was an experience in itself, as the vendors "King's Collectibles " (Nella & Brian Alward) from Richmond Hill, Ontario were on hand to display memorabilia and souvenirs (& also donated door prizes). Elvis music was being played and patrons couldn't help themselves but hum along! The crowd sported broad smiles and chattered excitedly as they checked names on the numbered tables for their reserved seats. The aroma of a familiar cuisine filled the air. Heads turned toward where that great smell was coming from and followed their noses to the kitchen, where sweet little ladies (who were in their teens when they swooned for the man who stole their hearts) stood waiting! Adding to that "Elvis" magical ambiance, these ladies were cooking the most delicious hamburgers and selling them faster than they could be made!! Dinner and a show? Does it get any better? Well, let's see..cameras out..ready..set..check the flashes everyone, the limo will soon arrive with all the ETAs..are we ready? Go!! As many fans as possible streamed out of the main hall into the foyer and opened up the double doors - then the flashes began going off as the ETAs made their way out of the limo, through the doors and past the fans toward the dressing room! OK fans, can't get in there? Back it was to the main hall and in just a little while it would be Showtime! The fans are wonderful! They have come to expect and appreciate the variety of unique personalities that each ETA brings to the stage and this Showcase was no different. The wonderful voices the fans had heard on ETARadio were coming to their town to pay tribute to Elvis and besides watching these ETAs perform, they want to know a little bit more about them, take some photos and add to their collection of ETA autographs. The fans welcomed all the entertainers and the entertainers didn't let the fans down. The weekend's event was hosted by the "Canadian Flash", ETA Shon Carroll, who not only did a sensational job as emcee, but brought the house down with every number he sang and moved to! Shon's lovely wife Tammy was my "right hand gal" as she helped backstage, organize the line up and was scarf girl to the ETAs. Thanks Mr. & Mrs Carroll, we love ya! BIG thanks also go out to our LLM crew - photographers Doug “Mr. D” McCready and Patsy Parker, Patsy’s assistant hubby Dan, Doug’s wife Linda Ryan, Anna (of the famed “Anna’s ETA wall”, Lori Willett on spot light, Brian & Pam Willett and all the Legion staff! What would we do without your helping hands and generous and kind spirits! Each ETA put on an incredible show which was only heightened by the whole group on stage during the finales on both nights (a lead in for the return of the fan's flash bulbs)! It was fantastic weekend and we thought we'd let you see a few sights and sounds on the following pages! On behalf of all the Montreal staff of Lady Luck Music and ETARadio, thank you boys for your generosity in respectfully keeping the memory of our idol alive and thank you fans for supporting the ETAs! Joanna