Just when Montreal was getting used to the power of Jesse’s uncanny vocal resemblance to Elvis of the 70’s era, yet at the same time anticipating a physical change in Jesse’s appearance (as with each visit to Montreal) - Just when they thought “this kid can’t get any better” - Jesse knocked the crowd for a loop when he jumped on the stage in a tribute to Elvis in the movie years! A very svelte Jesse moved and danced with an incredible amount of energy and sang with style that surprised and excited the audience! Of course there will always be fans who won’t accept change in an artists tribute and their minds may be made up, but Jesse managed to convince the crowd that there are many eras of Elvis that can be appreciated. So open up another successful chapter in Jesse’s tribute show - he swayed opinions and won hearts once again! Jesse was kind enough to replace Sweden’s Big Mike on the following night, and borrowing Walt Sander’s jumpsuit, came out and satisfied the “old Jesse fans”. Great job Jess, thanks!