And Montreal was smiling knowing the ETAs were coming to town and really in a wonderfully receptive mood for LLM's fourth annual ETA Performers Showcase this Canadian Thanksgiving weekend of October 8th & 9th, 2004! There was such a happy buzz in the air, that we actually searched for a full moon to explain the excitedly elated state of mind the fans were in - but it couldn't be found! Outdoors amidst a frenzied chatter, we could hear some comments about stars in the sky shinning brightly, while folks eagerly awaited the limo's arrival. As it approached, arms began waving, they were clutching posters to get autographs and cameras/flashes were being prepped! By the time the limo driver parked and opened the door to let the artists out, one would have thought those stars from the sky had leaped inside each ETA, because the people cheered them on with one of the warmest welcomes they've ever shown, making the boys feel right at home! And at home they did feel, all giving their all on both nights, performing a terrifically smooth running show! Montreal truly enjoyed meeting the ETAs who were here on their first visit and they were equally happy to see those who had graced our stage before, especially Jesse Aron! Many Montrealers caught Jesse's show in Memphis this year and couldn't wait to see him perform on the Saturday, but when Jesse was kind enough to fill in on the Friday for an ETA who couldn't make it here, the crowd went nuts! Each ETA endeared himself to the public because of his own special quality this year, and once again defined the character of the Elvis Tribute Artist. We have never seen so many happy smiling faces as in those of the fans at this year's event! Truly, it is apparent this is a brotherhood of artists who know there will only be one Elvis and they feel paying tribute to Elvis the best way they can will keep his memory alive - through song, soul, a gentle nature and making people happy. An example of the spirit of Elvis, was in this year's "Showcase Highlight" of a birthday wish to a 92 year "young" Elvis fan who was in the audience celebrating her birthday Saturday, October 9th. Gladys Hobbs said the ETAs made not only her "day", but her "life"! Ron Moore was the first to make his way to her table with birthday greetings, singing to her "When A Boy Like Me", which she appreciated so much. Then to Gladys' surprise, all the ETAs headed towards her, picked her up in her chair, brought her (chair & all) back to the stage and as they sang Happy Birthday, Gladys blew out the candles on her cake. Gladys was so touched she was overcome with emotion and the crowd rose to their feet with applause! The ETAs gave her a kiss on the cheek, wiped away a tear or two and brought her back to her table. A big thank you to LLM's crew Danny & Patsy Parker on video/photography and Doug McCready photographer, who captured all the great moments of the weekend on film for you all to enjoy on the pages of the LLM site. Thanks also to Doug's wife Linda Ryan (tickets & seating), Bonnie who made her first appearance as the ETAs "Charlie Hodge" and who helped them with merchandising, Anna Watkins from Salon Coiffure Ambiance (a ticket outlet) who also donated door prizes, Pam, Brian & Lori Willett (spotlight & support) and the staff from the LaSalle Legion Branch # 212. We cannot forget to thank the Elvis & ETA fans (local, other provinces & the USA) who attended this year's show, but most importantly, the following ETAs for making the Performers Showcase 2004 a complete success. We have put together some of the sights and sounds of: Jesse Aron, Matt Scott, Rick Duin, David Allen, Jim Westover, David Muggeridge, Marcus Wells, Patrick Johnson and Ron Moore for you to enjoy. God bless and adios until next year! Elvisly yours, Joanna