Jesse Aron, Janesville Wisconsin - jessearonshazam@charter.net
What can we say about Jesse Aron's fourth consecutive Showcase in Montreal. Is it possible for any one ETA to just keep on getting better? Now the Montreal fans are following him Stateside, he has become one of the most recognizable names in Elvis impersonation today and a true contest warrior, a benevolent entertainer performing along side hand picked ETAs with "heart" raising funds across the US for organizations such as the Special Olympics and further more, Jesse had cancelled an engagement to be in Montreal with us! Is it a wonder he is the only ETA to have taken home a double 1st Place win at LLM's Peoples Choice Contest? Jesse blew the roof off the house as he performed a powerhouse of vocals in a full show on both days. He has never sounded or looked better in his career and that career has skyrocketed making his talents in quite high demand. God bless you Jesse, Montreal loves you!