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I have been an Elvis Fan since I was 6 years old. I used to steal my older brother's Elvis records just so I could listen to Elvis - until I wore them out! I was so excited when I was able to watch Elvis on TV. He was such great singer, entertainer, actor and humanitarian and of course, he always got the pretty girls too! When I was 18 I dyed my hair black, put on a suit, went out into the world and never thought I would ever be doing what I'm doing now.

I met my wife Elaine at a benefit show for orphaned kids. She was performing with her own band and I heard her sing and saw how beautiful she was and decided to make her my wife in 1988. She not only performs as Patsy Cline, but she also writes and records her own original music, worked in Nashville and released a record there. Elaine also plays acoustic guitar, sings backup for my shows and as if that's not enough to keep her constantly busy, she makes my scarves and helps run our fan club! Oops.. and did I forget to mention the hardest task of all? Elaine takes real good care of me!

We have performed all over the United States, Canada and South America. My career really took a hike when I started performing for production shows in Las Vegas. I started working with American Super Stars for 5 years and then Legends In Concert and Greg Thompson Productions.

Some of my most memorable performances have been working with the Jordanaires from 1997. They have shared so many cherished experiences they had with Elvis and Patsy Cline. They sound incredible and they give me chills when we perform hits such as Peace In The Valley and How Great Thou Art. I've also had the pleasure of working with DJ Fontana, who has also shared great memories with Elvis. It has been an Honor and a lot of fun to work with DJ. We all performed in Santiago Chile together along with Joe Esposito, for more than 5,000 Elvis fans who spoke very little English, yet managed to know the words to every song I sang in English and sang along with me! There are no words to describe how I felt inside, except honor in Elvis's image and name.

I extended my career plans and took it to a new level this year by producing my first major Legends show at Potawatomi Casino in Milwaukee, Wisconsin July 2 thru July 18. I had a 23 piece cast and band. I headlined the show along with my wife Elaine as Patsy Cline, Denita Asberry as Tina Turner and Whitney Houston, Keith Baker as Tom Jones, Steve Fairchild as Garth Brooks, Kelly Smith as Cher and Bobby Brooks as our host and comedian. I had 3 female backup singers and 4 dancers, along with a 7 piece band. It took months to create but it was a HUGE success and we will repeat the show again next year. I intend to continue booking similar productions this year and in the future. This August Elaine and I will be performing in Memphis for our 16th year at Alfred's on Beale Street. I am presently working on a contract to start a tour in Europe to include Belgium, Germany, Norway, Moscow and Japan.

Elvis was once quoted as saying: "There is no greater honor than to have someone impersonate or pay tribute to you". It has been my honor to pay tribute to a man that gave so much to the world, and I hope that wherever he is, he thinks I've done him proud.

ETA Spotlight on Garry Wesley


Garry Wesley


DJ Fontana & Garry Wesley

Garry & wife Elaine (Patsy Cline)

Garry & Elaine with some of the cast of Legends Alive at the Potawanami Casino in Wisconsin

Garry with the Jordanaires

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