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SHAWN KLUSH, with Justin Shandor & DJ Fontana. Westbury Music Fair, Long Island, New York, August 2004.

All I could say was, "Shawn, Shawn, Shawn." There are very few words to describe Shawn’s show, from a lady who absolutely loves to talk! I said it last year, and I'll say it again. Shawn transforms. He exudes Elvis. The walk, the smile, the personality, lol the sweat too. Who wouldn't in that leather? That voice, and the power in it. I turned my eyes from the stage on several songs, and I was back at the Nassau Coliseum in 1974. My favorites, "If I Can Dream and "Mountain," then, of course, "Hurt." I could feel my heart pounding. Shawn "stays Elvis." It's hard work, and he's committed to it. Can't leave Justin Shandor out of the "review." He's a sweet, shy young man. God bless him for working so hard at being one of the best. His moves are so "right on." His voice has a wonderful range. We E fans will definitely be looking for more of his young Elvis tributes. Now, for DJ... What can a true Elvis fan say? He'll always be a great musician. I was thrilled to see him in action. There seems to be a warm bond between him and "the guys." To see him, shake his hand, knowing he was so close to Elvis for so long, is part of the dream of any true fan. Congratulations to the band and backup singers who are more than sound to any performer. They are what bring everything alive and together for everyone.


They have their work cut out for them concentrating on the music, artists, conductor and cues. Can't forget Mr. Dan Lentino. Another surprise to be able to be able to put a face to a name, then shake his hand. I hope to have enough time left to gain a thimbleful of his experience, talent and savvy. The "bodyguard," Art, was the first "show person" I spotted on the way in, standing guard in his tux. Wonder how many of the ladies would have loved to get their hands on the towel he provided for Shawn? On stage, he was perfectly tuned into Shawn's needs. I'll be waiting to hear about the show next year! Believe me, when other ETAs and agents have nothing but kudos for an artist (I know several who have seen and heard Shawn), that's the "tribute" to him. Teri, New York

MARK LEE PRINGLE. A & W Elvis Night. Boardman, Ohio, August 2004.
I saw Mark Lee Pringle’s show at the A & W Elvis Night in Boardman, Ohio. WOW! He has definitely practiced those early ‘50's moves! Not to mention that he sounds like young Elvis! We were really impressed with his guitars, too. They look just like the ones that Elvis used. If you have a chance, check him out. Mark’s webpage is A new fan, Cherry, Ohio.


DOUG CHURCH & JESSE ARON, New Daisy Theater, Memphis, Tennessee, August 2004

The only parade allowed on Beale Street took place August 12, 2004 as Jesse Aron, Johnny "The King" Kingsley, and Doug Church arrived at The New Daisy Theater in Memphis, TN for three concerts to benefit Special Olympics. Two concerts were held on Thursday and a gospel concert was held on Sunday. Bringing his unique personality to the events was MC Jimmy “Big Bopper” Prince. Special Olympian Johnny "The King" Kingsley opened each concert and closed each concert performing with Jesse Aron and Doug Church. Beale Street rocked with the voices of Jesse and Doug. Thursday’s concerts had fans dancing in their seats. Sunday's concert filled not only the theater, but Beale Street itself with the gospel music of Elvis.
Donna Volker, Iowa


VILI VERHOVSEK & Graceliners 8th annual show, Cambridge, Ontario September 2004

The Graceliners (an Elvis line-dancing group from Ontario) held their 8th annual “legends” show to benefit cancer research recently. It was a great success with fans coming from all over Ontario and as far as the US. This year the MC was Bob Swagers of Gerie and The Koasters band, and the audience was treated to performances from the Graceliners, Marilyn Monroe, Lucille Ball, The Judds, Mick Jagger and Elvis. We were also treated to a fine performance by the “Bit of Nostalgia” group whose most famous member is Ryan Malcolm...the 2003 Canadian Idol. Ryan, who has been busy this year concentrating on his newfound fame and his new singing career, has been a “regular” at the Graceliners’ anniversary shows over the years, and he went out of his way to make time for a special surprise guest appearance this year much to the delight of the crowd. Vili Verhovsek as Elvis was an absolute treat to listen to as always. With his golden voice and his professional stage presence, Vili delivered beautiful renditions of such Elvis standards as “The Wonder of You,” “It’s Now or Never” and “My Way” in addition to performing a number of other songs from the “young Elvis” and the ‘68 Comeback eras. Congratulations to all the Graceliners for putting on another fun and successful fundraiser for cancer research. Carol Hunter, London, Ontario


TIM DUDLEY, Images Contest, Memphis, TN. August 2004
This was Tim’s first time competing in the Images contest in Memphis during Elvis Week, and he gave one heck of a performance. Although he was the last one to perform on Wednesday night and it was late, he still had the crowd clapping and cheering him on. He started with “Funny How Time Slips Away,” kept the momentum going with “Polk Salad Annie,” and then quickly started into “Hound Dog,” –giving out scarves and plenty of kisses to the ladies. He then broke into “If You Love Me” (one of my favorites) and ended with the ever touching “My Way.” That song always makes my mother shed a tear & Tim’s rendition was no exception. He didn’t make the finals, but he did a great job and I was very proud of him! He proved he could hang in there with the best of them. I wish his performance could have been longer and the crowd wanted more too! Tim does a great show and gives 110%! He loves to see the enjoyment on people’s faces and to bring back memories of the greatest entertainer to ever walk the earth, Elvis Presley. Tim says if he can make at least one person happy and smile then he has succeeded as an ETA. He has a heart of gold and is a perfect gentleman on and off stage. He takes time for each person, no matter who they are. Tim’s greatest love is being on stage and singing for folks.


He has come a long way in such a short time. I am amazed at the talent that God has blessed him with. If Elvis was alive today, he would be proud of how much Tim has accomplished. Tim has a benefit show in Lafayette, LA on September 18, 2004 (contact Tim directly for further details). After October 7, 2004, Tim will be living in South Bend, IN. If you are in the area, please come and see Tim perform. He will also be competing in the Elvis Fantasy Fest in Portage, IN on October 9-10. It’s one of the largest contests in the United States and Tim is very excited about it. Please drop Tim an email at: and you can visit:

or write to: Tim Dudley, P.O. Box 1074, Mishawaka, IN 46546. He is one of the great up and coming ETA’s! By Elvis Week 2005, he will knock ‘em dead!! Good Luck in Portage Tim. I will be there right by your side with all the love and support I can give you! I LOVE YOU! Joyce Vest –– Mishawaka, IN

DAN BURGESS Brome Fair, Quebec, September 2004

On the Labour Day weekend, I went to the Brome Fair and I caught the Tribute to Elvis show performed by Dan Burgess. Dan did a really nice job. He did two shows. During the first show, he did the 50's and movies eras. As he started to sing, you could feel the Elvis spirit all around. For the second show, he wore a jumpsuit and sang songs from the ‘70's. Dan had everyone clapping and singing along. A great time, a lots of fun, was had by all. Keep up the good work, Dan. Your fan, Anna Watkins. LaSalle, Quebec.


RONNIE MCDOWELL, Frauenthal Center, Muskegon, Michigan, September 2004
I attended my first Ronnie McDowell concert last evening . What a show! It was awesome. He makes some of the other artists' concerts seem dead. His sons (Ronnie Dean and Tyler Dean) are following in their father's footsteps and doing it well. I enjoyed Ronnie’s tribute to some of the artists that have gone home. Keep up the good work Ronnie, and may the Lord bless and keep you always.
Linda Hittle, Michigan


JESSE ARON - Elvis & Legends Show, Tyler, Texas. September 2004

I was at the Voice of Elvis & Legends Show starring Jesse Aron, Wayne King, and Kristy Casey. A group of ladies made special pink shirts to support Jesse Aron. If anyone has not come out to see this show, please go to and check out the schedule of when they will be near you. This show is awesome! Kristy does a beautiful Patsy Cline and a fun-loving Marilyn Monroe. Wayne King does a dreamy Dion, a fabulous Roy Orbison, and an outrageous Jerry Lee Lewis. Now for the main star: Jesse Aron does a tribute to Elvis like you have never seen before. I heard one lady say you could just sit back and close your eyes and you would think Elvis was in the building performing. I have traveled up to 900 miles to see Jesse Aron perform and will do it again and again!

The show in Tyler, Texas was awesome, fabulous, something you will never forget and will want to see over and over. Jesse Aron does three sets, one for the "50's," one for the "60's," and one for the "70's"--- and ladies, the one for the "70's," you need to hold on to what ever you can, Jesse Aron does Elvis to a T. He has the voice, the tender kiss and the scarfs. It is a must see show. Once again, Elvis fans, if you want to see an excellent show, check out and see when he will be near you. Thank you for listening to what I have to say. Diane Palmer, Wills Point, Texas

DAMON HENDRIX - Georgia, Recent shows.
I have been following Damon Hendrix for 2 years and I am still amazed at how much he sounds like Elvis. The first time I saw him sing I was blown away. Damon was singing karaoke at the time, and now is singing with a band and doing concerts all over Georgia. The energy Damon has is contagious. When he is on stage and starts singing and dancing, you can't help but get up and dance yourself. Damon will be performing in the Augusta, Georgia area on November 20th at the Columbia Co. Fairgrounds. Visit his website I am sure when you have been to one of his shows you will find out how much talent this boy has. Damon really gives great tribute to Elvis' memory. When Damon sings “Hurt” it brings chills to me. The way he holds that note is unbelievable. And the way he shakes his whole body when he sings the American Triology, Man I can't believe it . The occasional kiss and scarf is not bad either.

Cheryl Lowe, Harlem, Georgia


JESSE ARON. Elvis and Legends Show, Tyler, Texas. September 2004.

My best friend and I went to the Voice of Elvis and Living Legends show in Palestine, TX in August and we had such a good time I decided to put a "road trip for the girls" together for the September show in Tyler, TX. I bought and made "Jesse Aron Addict" t-shirts for all of us to wear. I have a 10 year old daughter and two nieces the same age who have never been to a concert and I thought this would be good clean fun to start with. EVERYONE that came with me had a Mom, Aunt, Step Daughter, Niece I mean everyone at every age! Jesse is so great! I have read articles and reviews and there isn't anything about him left to say that hasn't already been said. Wayne King blew everyone's wig off as Jerry Lee Lewis, too.

The teenagers loved him as much as Jesse. Kristy talked to the younger girls and gave them her email and to "let her hear from them". Do you know how much all of this meant to these kids? Let alone what it meant for me to see these girls enjoying the music itself as much as I was? Three out of the 5 girls lost their Mother and I am a "fill in" when I can be. Both my Sister and Cousin who have passed on loved Elvis as much as I do so it meant the world to me seeing their daughters cheering with every song the same as we did at their age!!! It was a concert that we all hooped it up for 3 hours and agreed on the meaning of the music. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Jesse Aron, Wayne King and Kristy Casey for a night of memories that will be etched in two generations minds forever. Great job Steve Fountain and thank you for bringing these talents to our neck of the woods!!! In Gratitude, Shelly Brainerd, Kemp, Texas.

TIM E & the YES MEN, Atlantis Pavilions, Ontario Place. September 2004

My family and I had the pleasure of seeing Tim E & the Yes Men at Ontario Place on September 21, and what a spectacular show! Tim E performed the movie era, 68 special comeback (with black leather) and the fabulous Vegas years. Tim E is as close to Elvis as you can get: his looks, his moves and his tremendous voice and not to mention he has a fantastic band to back him up. Tim got a well deserved standing ovation during "American Trilogy" and his rendition of "Hurt" was so powerful. It was almost a 3 hour show but he left the crowd wanting more. After the show Tim came out to meet his fans and have photos taken. Not only is he a great entertainer but he also a very nice man. If you get a chance to see Tim E & the Yes Men i strongly recommend it. They are INCREDIBLE.Thank you Tim for a memorable evening and for keeping the King's memory alive. Rita Caruso, Ontario

STEPHEN KABAKOS Niagara Food Festival, Ontario September 2004
Stephen Kabakos and the TVB Ensemble once again pulled off another fantastic show in Welland at the Niagara Food Festival! Stephen performed a fantastic ninety minute set, spanning from the early pink jacket years through the 68 Comeback Special, to the Aloha from Hawaii. He delivered an amazing performance, that included an excellent song selection. For my 20th show , it ranked among the TOP! If you haven't had the chance to see Stephen, you must! Keep Rockin.
David Funger, Ontario


JESSE ARON. Elvis & Legends Show, Corsicana, Texas September 2004
I got to see the Jesse Aron show in Corsicana, Texas and may I say it was one of the best
shows I've seen. Jesse’s voice is fantastic and he is a great performer.
Marsha Rekieta , Texas

RYAN PELTON, Bloomsburg Fair, PA. September 2004

What is there to be said about Ryan Pelton, just WOW! Ryan is undoubtedly the best, most dynamic ETA out there. He’s not only got the looks, the moves, the personality, the charm, he has his own unique aura that makes him shine. He can do it all, rain or shine, no matter which Elvis Era is your favorite, Ryan is the man. He performs them all to such perfection it is so hard to pick a favorite. Rock, blues, gospel, movies... you name it, he did it. Whether on the free stage in the rain or in the Grandstand, Ryan had the crowd on their feet wanting more. There just was never enough and he gave his all. He even was so kind as to buy the crowd all hot chocolate on a rainy evening. I’ve said it before and I’’ll say it again: he’s no doubt going to be a big star some day. Ryan we love you and we’ll see you again real soon. Lola Saffioti, Ottawa, Ontario.


BRIAN “ELVIS” SIMPSON finalist, Pacific Northwest Elvis Festival, Penticton, BC, 2004 As a whole-hearted Elvis fan who has gone out to see a few tribute artists perform in our province and in the United States, I was blown away by the power of Brian's voice. His look and costume are pretty convincing, but it's that vocal strength and incredible range that even had other tribute artists at this major festival talking. I've seen and talked to many different singers, and, so far, I've seen nobody who can do the song Hurt with it's powerful and emotional ending
like Simpson. Either singers won't even try it or will do it differently. He told the audience Hurt is just over two minutes of "vocal hell". But Brian also came across as an extremely sincere singer on and off the stage. He has graciously agreed to be a regular guest at our monthly Elvis fan meetup, the Vancouver chapter of the world-wide Elvis Meetup ( Brian said he likes being with Elvis fans, which impressed us even more. He's got me hooked. His website, that includes a chat forum, is below.
Sandor Gyarmati, Vancouver, British Columbia