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This month’s guest columnist is Cindy Huffman, of Scarf Creations, who reports in on the recent All Shook Up in Branson ETA contest which she has organized for the past 3 years. Thanks, Cindy.

This year’s contest was held over the Memorial Day weekend and it was an awesome success, with many great performers. The judges had tough decisions this year as so many of the contestants were so close in scores. We had more than 300 people in the audience for each show. The audiences also enjoyed the special guests (Mac Gruley, Darlene Wallace, Bobby Stewart, Dotty Ayers Booth), who were friends of or employed by Elvis and who took part in a Question and Answer session. The vendor room was packed with vendors from all over who had a lot of awesome merchandise.

The Friday night Karaoke Party was a huge success, and will continue to be a part of the contest weekend from now on. Celebrities from various Branson Theaters also came to the karaoke party and got on stage and sang as well.

Guest MC’s this year were “Marilyn Monroe” Camille Terry (www.camilleterry.com) and David Lomond ( http://www.davidlomond.com/hawnshow.html)

I try to use judges who are producers, promoters, and ETA booking agents, and many contestants, after the contest was over, were approached by various judges and given their business cards. Some ETA’s informed me that, since returning home, they have been contacted by some of the judges , who are working on getting the ETA’s into various casinos from the East to Las Vegas.

The “Reflections of a King” Award went to Danny Dale (voted by his fellow ETA's). Danny received a plaque and he won various prizes, including a $400 pair of Elvis glasses.

There were approximately 40 contestants and the top 3 winners were:

1. Shawn Barker

2. Matt Joyce

3. Todd Martin

The first-place winner, Shawn Barker, will now be to going to Memphis in August to compete in the Images of The King Contest.

Those who have ordered items from me before, might be interested to know that I also introduced my newest item, which is not only for ETA’s but for any Elvis fan. My new “Reflection of a King” dolls may be ordered from my website now. They cost $150. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Cindy Huffman

For full contest details and information about Cindy’s scarves and other creations, see:



MC Marilyn Monroe ...Camille Terry

Cindy being presented with a "thank you" plaque from the ETA's

Jim Westover

Shawn Barker..1st place winner

Danny Stirling

Bill Brooks

Gary Elvis Britt

Li'l D

Michael Ratcliffe

"Reflection of a King" dolls

Shon Carroll

Joe Tirrito

Terry Phillips


Danny Dale...winner of the Reflection of a King award...voted by fellow ETA's.