In November 2003, I had the great pleasure of recording at Sun Studio in Memphis, TN, in the very same room that Elvis recorded his demo record of "My Happiness," and the room in which he recorded "That's All Right, Mama" 50 years ago.

The Dempseys, a rockabilly trio who are by far the best I've ever seen or worked with, recorded the album with me.

We cut 25 songs in just 5 days, and I'm very proud of the results. The new CD, called "The Sun Also Rises, Vol .1," comes out this spring - tentatively April - and Vol. 2 should be out some time next year.

It was an absolute thrill recording those songs on the same spot Elvis made his first recordings, and the whole session was surreal. The Dempseys and I had a great time, as I'm sure you'll see in the pictures.

I would also like to mention one thing about the new album that makes it very different.....although the album is a rockabilly album, and does feature 2 songs that Elvis did and several songs he was rumored to have done during his time at Sun Records, this album is the start of a transition into a solo career for me.

I'll always sing Elvis songs - Elvis has always been, and always will be, my artistic inspiration in what I do - but I'm looking into doing more my own thing, certainly with an Elvis flavor, but not trying to sound like Elvis in these solo albums and performances. I've written two songs for this album, and they've been accepted into the BMI library of songs, and myself as a BMI writer.

Click here to enjoy “For My Heart,” a song Jamie wrote himself.

Click here for more song samples from the CD “The Sun Also Rises, Vol 1". (Real Audio Format)

Be sure to check my website, for updates. I've got a lot of exciting things ahead, and I hope you'll all enjoy it!

Jamie Aaron Kelley