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Alan Black of Rockartonline is this month’s guest columnist. Alan is the Agent and Business Manager for Joanne Shaw, a talented artist from England whose artwork is sought after both in England and abroad. In his column, Alan tells us about Joanne and her artistry–and about a search for Elvis fans who were at the ‘68 Comeback TV show and depicted in one of Joanne’s works. Thanks, Alan!

Joanne Shaw is a self-taught and highly motivated artist whose sole desire is to exploit her creative talents to the limit, spurred on by the need to improve on the last picture and always looking for a creative challenge. Joanne readily admits not painting to please mainstream art critics. She just wants to reach as wide an audience as possible either through staging exhibitions or attracting visitors to her online Walls of Fame on www.rockartonline.net which now attracts nearly 45,000 visitors a week from all over the world.

Joanne’s artwork needs no explanation or translation and appeals to all ages. Instantly recognizable, it is art that demands attention, has that “must have” factor, and is now increasingly being purchased by dealers and collectors of music memorabilia. An ever-demanding North American market is now taking serious notice of her innovative and uniquely realistic artwork, and its potential in the highly competitive music industry, especially its appeal to serious music fans.

Joanne’s Elvis Portraits

This portrait of Elvis and the car (Picture one) is one that you will not have seen before unless you have visited our website or have been in a Hard Rock Café. The Hard Rock Café was so keen to add this picture to their collection that they bought it sight unseen.

We get many e-mails about this black and white oil portrait (picture two) asking if it is really an oil painting and not a photograph. l can assure you it is a genuine oil portrait!

The picture that has every Elvis fan buzzing is Joanne’s latest, taken from the 1968 Comeback Special TV show – it’s the image that all Elvis fans love (picture three)

During the l968 “Comeback” TV show, there were several female fans seated along the side of the stage, who are now depicted in Joanne Shawn’s portrait. Rockartonline is searching for any of these fans or anyone who might know one of these fans. Eventually a fan’s comment as to what it was like to be at this historic show and alongside Elvis will be posted on the website underneath the portrait.

So....the search is on! If you are one of the fans shown in the portrait or if you know one of these women, please contact Alan Black at
alan@arockartonline.net and LadyLuck will also do a followup story..

Win a prize!

Finally, this black and white pencil drawing of Elvis (picture four) is the prize in a free-to-enter draw which closes on January 30, 2004. All you have to do is send a valid e-mail address and your name so we can notify the winner.

What next?

Joanne is putting together a collection of high profile, original, music-related paintings –along with pieces of memorabilia that can be connected to each individual portrait. It is hoped the exhibition, which will be constantly being added to, will be ready to exhibit at high profile venues by the middle of next year. It will also be showcased as a special feature on Rockartonline,

And if you think Joanne only paints portraits, try visiting www.historicyorkshire.com

Career Highlights

Mr. Frank Bowling, Vice President of the world famous Bel-Air Hotel in Los Angeles commissions Joanne to do a portrait of Prince Charles for his Fiftieth Birthday. This portrait, plus a portrait of Prince William, is now on display in Highgrove

Hard Rock Café International buy five original portraits of rock stars to hang in their cafes.

BBC (British Broadcasting Corp.) do an in depth interview with Joanne highlighting her artwork, then post it on their website.

Joanne is commissioned to design the Millennium Christmas cards for The Bel- Air Hotel.

Actress/movie star Lauren Bacall signs and sends a print of an original portrait of herself by Joanne.

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