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This month, long-time Elvis fan, and former ETA, Larry Kelley (father of ETA Jamie Aaron Kelley), has submitted information for our guest column which tells readers of his, and others, efforts to save the historic Overton Park Shell in Memphis, Tennessee --home of Elvis Presley’s early public appearances (including Elvis’ first appearance in l954 when he upstaged feature act Slim Whitman). Many other well-known artists have also performed at the Shell. More help is needed if the Shell is to be saved. Full details can be found on the Overton Park website at www.overtonparkshell.com Thanks to Larry Kelley for this month’s guest column!

Any donations that anyone would wish to give can be sent to: Save the Shell Fund, 718 W. Third Street, Boone Iowa 50036 c/o Larry Kelley, President. Every little bit helps!

We have been asked what if we don't raise enough money in time, what will become of the funds that have been raised. This is what we plan to do succeed!! But if not, we are keeping a list of all donations of $50 or more and those folks will be contacted and given a couple of choices as to what they want us to do with their donation. First, we would offer to return the money to them, or, secondly, we will donate the money to the
National Diabetes Youth Foundation (to help kids with Diabetes) on behalf of Elvis and his fans. So many kids these days suffer with Diabetes and the possible problems in their lives caused by it. Obviously, if enough funds are raised to get a good start on the repairs for the Shell, then none of the money would be returned but we will not begin doing that fix up unless we have at least $25,000 or more in the fund. We are accepting money orders only and not personal checks. Receipts are available if anyone requests one.

Anyone with any further questions can feel free to contact me at (515) 4324332 in the USA or email me at:

Let's show the world, Elvis Fans still care! We thank you in advance for your donation!!


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Larry Kelley


The Definitive Elvis DVD states our cause in no uncertain terms when Sam Phillips, the late owner of Sun Records, comes on and says, "That little ole show at the Overton Park Shell here in Midtown Memphis, Tennessee was THE TURNING POINT in that man's (Elvis) career!" If for no other reason, THAT is why we must save the Shell from becoming history!

Need more reasons???? The architect who designed the Shell also designed the MidSouth Coliseum AND Graceland! Or, how about the fact that so many great entertainers over the years have performed there or started their careers there? This would include entertainers such as Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Rufus Thomas, Roy Orbison, Jimi Hendrix, just to name a few.

The Overton Park Shell has had a long and illustrious history of providing great music for the folks of Memphis, Tennessee and its out-of-town visitors. But now, its in danger of becoming remembered in the past tense! The City of Memphis says the Shell is in need of several major repairs and, indeed, it is. To the tune of $500,000, if you believe the City but more realistic estimates would be closer to $150,000 to $250,000.

But time is running out! Between November 2004 and February 2005, the City of Memphis wants a plan in place to do these needed repairs or the wrecking ball will surely visit the Shell.

The Elvis Family of Fans Club in Iowa, headed by yours truly, has taken on the task of helping the Save the Shell Inc. group get the job done. We've asked that all Elvis Fan Clubs hold fund raisers and pool the money together to make a dent, at least, into the funds needed. The Shell receives absolutely zero help from either the City or the Park Commission. The Elvis Family of Fans Club has been getting signatures on a petition to have the Shell placed onto the National Registry of Historical Places and to convince
the City that people still care about the Shell and its place in the musical history of America!

We need more signatures, true, but we also need funds. We are in the process of contacting several national celebrities asking for help and will soon, via email, send out a press release to as many fans as possible, hoping that they will ask their local papers to run the human interest story of the Shell's plight. If we raise the awareness worldwide and Memphis sees that the eyes of the world are looking toward it, we just might be able to buy more time to get this job done. We need help and we need it quickly!!

The Elvis Family of Fans Club raised around $3,000 during Elvis Week with the annual Save the Shell Concert at the Shell (August 14th) starring Jamie Aaron Kelley. Another $1,000 was raised shortly after that, but that leaves a long way to go in a very short period of time. However, with a good start on the funds needed in the next two months, we may be able to let the City of Memphis know we are on the right track and will complete the task in the months that follow.