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This month’s guest column is co-written by Dale Weisbrod of Elvissss Productions and Roberta (Bobbie) Arnold, of Follow That Dream Productions.....who have recently joined together to produce a new ETA contest which will be held in October. Thanks to Bobbie and Dale for this month’s column.

From Dale Weisbrod of Elvissss Productions

I was a big fan of Elvis in the 50’s when his career began, and continue to be a big fan to this day. I remember watching the first Ed Sullivan show that he appeared on. My involvement in the world of Elvis tribute artists began in 1996. In the summer of 1996 three of my friends and I went to Niagara Falls, Ontario to a place that had Karaoke during the summer months. One of the 3 that were with me got up and sang an Elvis song. He was so good and so close to Elvis it just blew me away, and I still remember what he sang. It was “Treat Me Nice”. That’s where my involvement began, on Clifton Hills In Niagara Falls. Before this, I had no experience in the entertainment world. I had to learn from the ground up. So after that day in Canada, my friend and I struck up an arrangement that I would manage him and I tried to do my best to make him a household word. My company name was Weisbrod & Son Promotions. That name was changed later to Weisbrod Promotions, and finally evolved into Elvissss Productions, which it is called today. For the next several years I was able to get my friend some very important engagements, and I also set up a number of shows that were very successful. During those years I made quite a few good contacts in the entertainment world. My involvement with Roberta Arnold was a result of the shows I had set up. Bobbie and her husband, Roy Arnold ,started coming to the shows about 3 years ago, and as time went on, we became very close friends. Bobbie and Roy became a positive part of my team so to speak, and helped at as many shows as they were able to attend.1999 was the beginning of the Elvissss Fest competitions which have been an annual event since then. The 2002 Fest was the first year that Bobbie helped, in the planning and execution of the event. Since then she has been a very large part of this annual event, also in the planning, contacting ETA’s etc., and in any way she can help. The Elvissss Fests are now in the Buffalo NY area. Bobbie and I have hopes of this year’s event, which is now called “Reflections Of The King” being the biggest and best ever. Because Elvissss Productions and Bobbie’s company (: Follow That Dream Productions) are working as a team, we feel this year’s competition will be the best ever, and will continue to grow, and be recognized as the best.

From Roberta (Bobbie Arnold), Follow That Dream Productions

A few months ago someone said to me “Follow your dream” ….and a new company was born..... Follow That Dream Productions. After working for a couple of years with Dale Weisbrod, of Weisbrod Promotions....a wonderful friend and mentor....…I decided to try it on my own. With encouragement from my husband and some great friends, my company FTDP has taken shape. We now have a spin off company in Port Colborne, Ontario with the same name --owned by David and Julia Iannandrea. We call it “hands across the border” and together we share a web site that reflects "The Best of the Best Tribute Artists" from Elvis, to the great country legends such as Johnny Cash, to the Rat Pack, Dean, Frank, and Sammy. From across the USA and Canada, we are home to the best and believe in our theme song which is Elvis' "Follow That Dream".

Because of my love for Elvis, my heart will always have a special place for the Elvis Tribute Artist. I have been, as Dale, lucky to find the best through just knowing them; working with them, seeing them in contests or having them find us through our web sites. Each of these artists whether it be Elvis or one of our legendary tribute artists, reflect in their own way, their dedication, faith and love of their craft and do it with pride.

Now with Elvissss Productions and Follow That Dream Productions…we have come together to bring a new contest.

This year, the contest will be held in Blasdell, New York, at Club Paradise, which the new owners Jim Magano and Sue have generously donated to us for two days. Along with Dan Alessi the club’s booking agent, they have not only opened their doors to us but their hearts. All proceeds from the competition, after expenses and prize money, are being donated to charity. This year we are honored and proud to have the Ronald McDonald House of Buffalo, NY as our charity. We encourage everyone to come and join us in October. All Elvis Tribute Artists are welcome to sign up and be a part of what we feel will be one of the most exciting competitions in this part of our great country. Our companies, Follow That Dream Productions, Elvissss Productions, and our sister company in Canada, believe in fairness in whatever we do, both for the artist and ourselves. We believe there is a higher power we answer to, and if we can make a positive difference in what we do, then we have accomplished our goal.

On an added note I want to thank some very special people that have been there to support my new company and me. I hope they will always lend their ideas and inspirations to me………..Roy, Cat, Vivian, David, Julia, Chris, Bob, Patrick, Sarah and Donna. Special thanks to Dale Weisbrod for his knowledge and great web design for Follow that Dream Productions.com as well as his own elvissss.com. All of us together are going to bring you the best competition in the Western New York.

Last but not least, thanks to Lady Luck Music's Carol Hunter for inviting me to tell you our story and LadyLuckMusic/ETAR’s Joanna Johnson who has been there every time I needed a question answered or an event taken care of..........thank you and God bless.

Full Details:

www.followthatdreamproductions.com www.elvissss.com


Tommy Hancock (Travis Tritt), Dale Weisbrod (owner Elvissss Productions), Patrick Johnson (ETA)


Bob James being interviewed by Roy Arnold (emcee) Elvissss Rock' N Roll Birthday Bash


Roberta "Bobbie Arnold” owner of Follow That Dream Productions USA


Bob James (ETA/Production Manager) Bobbie(owner FTDP/ USA) David and Julia Iannandrea (owners FTDP/ Canada)


Elvis Rock'N Roll Birthday Bash Jan 2004
L to R: ( kneeling) Shon Carroll, John Preston, David Lane, Dale Weisbrod (owner of Elvissss Productions) (kneeling) Bob James, and Bobbie Arnold (owner of Follow That Dream Productions)


John Preston Rock'N Roll Birthday Bash Jan '04