The Farewell Tribute Concert at the Peabody . This concert was totally sold out along with all the standing room was another FABULOUS night...I was just thrilled to see and hear Sam Phillips, DJ Fontana, John Wilkinson, the TCB Band, (Glen D. Hardin, James Burton, Jerry Scheff, Ronnie Tutt), Charlie Hodge, rockabilly singer Larry Naylor, MC Red Robinson from Canada again, announcer Al Dvorin (“Elvis has left the building”) ..and the wonderful performance by Terry Mike Jeffrey and his band, including a great rendition of “Fire Down Below”.. written by Jerry Scheff in l976 for Elvis. One touching moment was seeing Sam Phillips who had been too ill to attend the rest of the week’s events but who made it to this one (albeit a little shakily) and who had been told by his doctors that this would do him more good than any medicine he could take. And, of course, seeing John Wilkinson on stage singing his signature song “Early Morning Rain” was another highlight. This concert was, indeed, a great finale to a great week.


The “Legends” Concert at the Peabody. This concert was simply outstanding and a major highlight of my week. It was HISTORY...what stood out here was the professionalism and immense talent of all the performers and the camaraderie between them. Kudos to Scotty Moore, DJ Fontana, the Jordanaires, Millie Kirkham (who, at age 81, simply blew the audience away with her vocal talent), Stan Perkins, Billy Swan, Lee Rocker, Eddie Miles, saxophone player Boots Randolph, pianist David Briggs, Buddy Harmon on drums, and Bob Moore on bass guitar. Just being there in the presence of these “greats” was enough of a thrill for me, but an additional highlight included the tribute to Carl Perkins, by his son, Stan, who then sang a great rockabilly rendition of “Blue Suede Shoes” for his Dad. The rendition of “How Great Thou Art” with Boots Randolph on saxophone, and Millie Kirkham and the Jordanaires providing the vocals, was stunningly beautiful. One moment that touched me was seeing a European Elvis fan, impeccably dressed in a white “If I Can Dream” suit, come to the stage and salute twice to DJ Fontana who was seated at the drums...this “salute” epitomized the love and respect the Europeans have for “ the legends”. Another highlight was the stellar performance by Eddie Miles who closed the show by singing the final 6 songs with the “Legends”, looking and sounding as if he’d been performing with them for years, earning a standing ovation and showing everyone what an awesome and talented entertainer he is. Thanks also to MC Red Robinson from Canada.

Eddie Miles’ “Salute to Elvis” at the Peabody. This concert was another major highlight of my week. To see Eddie Miles, looking so very good, and to hear his beautiful voice, along with the golden voices of Ed Enoch and Golden Covenant (the former Stamps Quartet) and Myrna Smith of the Sweet Inspirations brought back memories of seeing Elvis in Concert in the ‘70's. This was a very special night for me. It was a treat to hear such standards as Bridge Over Troubled Water, I’ll Remember You, My Way, and The Wonder of You sung so beautifully, along with a great impromptu version of Never Been to Spain (after a fan asked if he’d ever been to Spain). Congratulations to Eddie Miles and all the performers who were on stage with him for this spectacular show -- including the showband he assembled, the backup singers....Charlie Hodge....and thanks to Joe Esposito for his introductions and stories about Elvis. This was a FABULOUS night and judging from the cheers and standing ovations, fans from around the world were just as impressed as I was...I know the two girls sitting next to me wanted to take Eddie back to Australia with them..... Way to go, Eddie!

Eddie Miles’ One-Man Show at the Orpheum Theater. The historic Orpheum was built in the l800's, partially burned down, was restored, and is a grand old can sense the history and by looking at the stars on the pavement outside, see some of the “greats” who have performed there in the past. It was a thrill to see the talented Eddie Miles on that same stage, and with the superb lighting effects that are always a part of his shows, it gave me goose bumps to see such a truly “Elvis-like” appearance singing before me. This show, totally different from the one the night before, focused on some of Elvis’ lesser-known songs (After Loving You, It’s Impossible, Rubberneckin’) rather than the classic standards. Listening again to Eddie Miles’ velvet voice, I really enjoyed this beautiful and respectful performance in a truly beautiful setting–and judging from the numbers of fans lined up to meet Eddie afterwards, I wasn’t the only one! This show was also a very appropriate lead in to the Candlelight Vigil held later the same night.

Elvis the Concert at the Pyramid Arena. This was the third time I’ve seen it and I never fail to be moved and impressed. There was lots of new footage this time and the highlight of the concert for me was the “gospel segment” that has been added...with Elvis on the screen and all his fantastic gospel quartets and singers on the stage. Another highlight was hearing Lisa Marie sing (pre-recorded) in the background while the words to the song she wrote in tribute to her father scrolled down on the screen). The song “Nobody Noticed It” and the words “You Made Me/I Love You” were so very appropriate and very touching! And, of course, to see “the entourage” accompanying a “long black limousine” into the arena, to listen to Priscilla’s introductory remarks, and to see and hear all Elvis’ musicians and singers assembled on the stage once again, and to watch the reactions of audience members who were seeing the concert for the first all just added to the excitement!