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_________interview with Cvan Avian

Cvan tells us that in early 2002, he was thumbing through an Elvis magazine, when he noticed an ad for an Elvis backing track company, claiming to be the best in the world. What interested him was that the company was based in Norway and he was not yet aware of any Elvis backing track companies in Europe. He contacted Kjell Bjornestad, the founder and President (who is also a top ETA known as the “Elvis of Norway”) and asked to listen to his initial ECLIPSE CD before buying anything. As Cvan states, he listened to the first few notes of Jailhouse Rock and was blown away. As he continued listening, the CD just got better and better...he recognized that Kjell was a man who had done his homework and had reproduced the original recordings with the exact feel and ambiance, and with unsurpassed quality.

Cvan, who, himself, had been thinking of starting his own Elvis backing tracks company, realized that he’d never heard anyone put forth such time and care into an Elvis project as Kjell had done, and he wanted to bring this out to ETA’s in America and the world, so they could compare these tracks to the ones they were already using, and see what they were missing.

Before long, Cvan and Kjell joined forces. Their mission was to do something that had never been done in karaoke ...to bring forth quality, to create the most authentic versions of Elvis’ recordings that could be used by ETA’s as a tool on the stage, and to build a company that would be the “leader of the pack.”

They decided to produce the Aloha Concert first as it was a crowning moment in Elvis’ career and one which would help them break out into the ETA world. Kjell contacted experts at Omega Recording Studio in Budapest and hired them to record all the instrumentation in real time...where the players listen to the album and play along at the same time, while recording, to get the exact feel and power of the original recordings. .As Cvan says, it was almost as if the TCB band was playing on the tapes. After that, the backing vocals were added at Junction Studio in Madison, TN. The backing vocalists had actually worked with Elvis for a period of time and knew exactly what to do and how to sing their parts.

During the production of the Aloha CD, Kjell and Cvan scrutinized the original Aloha CD measure for measure, note for note, drumbeat for drumbeat. They listened for everything....orchestra, string section, horn solos.....and especially the little things that a seasoned ETA would hear if he was well familiar with the original Aloha album. It took them 2 years to record the project and to get it exactly where they wanted it..with absolutely no allowance for mediocrity. It had to be perfect and nothing less. As Cvan says, they cared about the ETA’s who would use these tracks, the money the ETA’s would be spending, and what they were going to get in return. He says that an ETA hearing the Aloha tracks would feel that BMG went in and just took out Elvis’ voice.

Joanna again mentions that the cost of the tracks is well worth it and that she is proud to highly endorse this product which she feels is “absolute quality” and “sensational.”

In his interview, Cvan also talks about Kjell Bjornestad, the “Elvis of Norway,” who is the President and Founder of Golden Voice. He feels that Kjell has the total package as an ETA --the look, the power, the gift, the talent..and says he’s never witnessed someone on stage with such charisma. Cvan also states that he hopes to introduce Kjell into the US where he needs to be....and Joanna states that he’ll be welcomed with opened arms. You can hear Kjell on the May 2004 edition of ETARadio singing "American Trilogy" with the new Aloha backing tracks and you can read more about Kjell in Carol Hunter’s column this month.

In summary, Cvan feels that the calibre of Golden Voice’s backing tracks takes the ETA performance to a whole new level. Because of the live band feel and the power of the production backing him, an ETA has the confidence that the music is behind him and is able to concentrate more on his performance, which is hard to do with weak backing tracks. Although “the new kid on the block, “ he believes without a shadow of a doubt that Golden Voice offers state-of-the-art recording, quality tracks, exceptional authenticity..and that no-one takes the time and care to produce the calibre and quality that Golden Voice does.

Golden Voice’s next project is to produce the entire l969 “Live at the International Hotel” concert and they plan also to eventually produce every song that Elvis ever sang....Cvan reiterates that ETA’s, once they hear these tracks, will realize that they are the absolute best quality possible.

You can hear Cvan’s complete answers in this informative and interesting live interview...many thanks to Cvan Avian.


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Live interview conducted by Joanna Johnson
Foreword written by Carol Hunter

You can hear Kjell on the May 2004 edition of ETARadio singing "American Trilogy" with the new Aloha backing tracks and you can read more about Kjell in Carol Hunter’s column this month.

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This month’s live interview between ETARadio’s Joanna Johnson and Cvan Avian, Vice-President & International Distributor of Golden Voice Music, was recorded in April 2004.

Cvan, based in Nashville, Tennessee, is a singer/entertainer/musician and producer. He has worked in production with such artists as Janet Jackson, Ozzy Osborne, Lynard Skynard, KISS, The Charlie Daniels Band, The Everly Brothers, No Doubt, James Taylor, Sheryl Crow, Metallica, Barbara Mandrell, Snoop Dog, New Edition, Keith Sweat, Ringo Starr's All Star Show, P. Diddy, Tool, Lala Palooza, Donna Summer, Kenny Rodgers, The Elvis Concert (1998), Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Tracy Lawrence, D.C. Talk, Whitney Houston, Sawyer Brown, Steve Winwood, Lorrie Morgan, Stevie Wonder, Prince, and many other major acts. He is also an avid Elvis Presley fan.

At the beginning of the interview, ETARadio’s Joanna Johnson tells Cvan that she is proud to highly endorse Golden Voice’s new Aloha From Hawaii backing tracks, as she feels they are of the highest quality, phenomenal, and exceptionally authentic. She then asks Cvan what inspired him, and President, Kjell Bjornestad, to produce such a high quality product.