I must say it's a joy to be able to be entertained, especially if you are an entertainer, or have a job in the entertainment industry ,period! It is rare we can make time to accept an invitation to attend someone else's show, because we are always busy with deadlines to meet etc. and it's truly a thrill for us to be sitting in a seat that doesn't belong to a "driver"!
Such was the case when LLM was invited to see one of the birthday tribute shows in two beautiful theatres in Cornwall & Brockville, Ontario, on Jan 24 through 26th, 2004. Of course, I could only manage to make it to the Cornwall show, yet the LLM crew stayed on and got us many nice pics for you to see.

The show was produced by the newly formed "U-Rock Productions" and it's president being Moe Morrissette. This show starred Ryan Pelton, John Loos & Mike Morrissette, who were all backed by Chicgo's ExSpence Account Show Band. I spoke with all of them before show time, we caught up on some news, relaxed...it was just great seeing old friends and I couldn't wait to see everyone in action!
Well, I got to see most of the show from my comfortable seat, but alas, I was called up to be an "eleventh hour" emcee for a radio DJ who couldn't make it. I can't complain though, because it was the most fun I'd had in a long time and let me tell you folks, I appreciated the fine entertainment that went on that night, from the excellent sound crew to the most dynamic "new & improved" (as the EAS called it) ExSpence Account Showband! Trimmed down to a tight 5 piece group, the EAS's new drummer John was exceptional! Drawing energy from John's ability as one of the finest drummers seen in a long time, Charlie, Mike & Jason Parks & Steve were churning out fantastic Elvis music for the fine artists who were to appear!

The star of the show was Ryan Pelton, who made the girls swoon once again as he appeared in the 50's gold lame, the 60's leather and the 70's jumpsuit! I've gotta say that Ryan is a class act, one heck of a polished entertainer and a bundle of energy always ready to explode on any stage!
John Loos opened the show for Ryan and also came out to perform during Ryan's costume changes. John executed fine vocals throughout the evening and his charming stage presence lures the ladies of every age to the stage for closer look and maybe a kiss!
Mike Morrissette wowed the crowd with his powerful ballads and gospel tunes and had the crowd to their feet several times with standing ovations. The entire theatre audience enjoyed themselves that night, it was really a great show.

The entertainers and fans were off to Brockville the next night, where our LLM crew tells us the show and it's crowd were rocking even more! I unfortunately had to make my way back to Montreal after the Cornwall show, but I really would like to thank the EAS band, Ryan, John and Mike for performing a very entertaining show and a big thanks to Moe Morrissette from Ottawa, promoter of the event, for the invitation! Thanks gang, enjoy the pics by LLM's Doug McCready & Patsy Parker by clicking here - until the next time, keep smiling! Joanna

Enjoy some pics from a show in Cornwall & Brockville Ontario, Canada, with Ryan Pelton, Mike Morrissette, and John Loos.