Well, I am back from the PEIA Convention and Showcase in Las Vegas and what a great time I had.

The convention ran from June 7-9 at the Lady Luck Hotel in Las Vegas.
Johnny Thompson could not of done a better job organizing such a huge event.

I was privileged enough to see 20 of the greatest ETA’s from all over the world.
There were artists like Mori Yasimasa and his TCB band from Japan who performed all weekend long, they were more than perfect, one of the best bands I have seen in a long time. There were performances by Peter Alden, Wally Teimer, Gene Lang, Steve Murphy, Gary Elvis Britt, Jesse Aaron, Sonny Boline to name a few, and 21 year old Joel Ewens from England who just blew me away with his version of “I want you, I need you”. There was also 2 other performers who are the talk of Las Vegas, 19 year old Justin Shandor who has the voice, moves and smile that made us all fall in love with Elvis. By the time he finished singing, the crowd was on their feet applauding for more. The other performer was a beautiful little 13 year old girl named Carmen Grace Newman who did incredible versions of Patsy Cline songs. She has the voice and presence of an angel and had all eyes and ears focused on this new rising star.

Along with the ETA’s, he had some special guests including The Shotgun Blues who did an outstanding Blues Brothers, Ronnie Lee Trist who sang Johnny Cash and did a
great job playing piano. Then there was the Glen Glenn Troutman and his band who reminded us of some of those great old tunes. There was also a special appearance by Kay Wheeler (Elvis’s old girlfriend) who spoke about her time with Elvis and she also performed a little dance number for us and showed us that she still has it going on!!!

Overall, it was a good time and a fabulous HOT weekend and all thanks to Johnny Thompson. Not only did he perform and put this whole event together, he made sure that everyone was having a good time. The time and effort that was obviously put into this
really paid off; everyone was always smiling and singing which made it a very enjoyable weekend for everyone who attended.

I attended the event with 2 girlfriends, Mary and Phyllis and we got to meet many ETA’s and made some new friends along the way including Johnny Thompson.. He is not only a great entertainer/performer, he is big hearted and should be very proud of what he does for many ETA’s.

Thanks again Johnny, and hope to see you again at the next PEIA event!!!!

Lady Luck Music

All photos are courtesy of Elaine Kleiner of TCB Photography. Elaine can be reached on line at: or by calling 1-800-395-2196 .

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Mori Yasimasa and the TCB band

Elaine, Johnny & the Blues Brothers

Joel Ewen

Peter Alden

Mori Yasimasa

Wally Teimer, Gary Elvis, Jesse Aron and Peter Alden

Kay Wheeler, Elvis’ girlfriend

Justin Shandor

Carmen Grace

Gary & Glen Glen

Glen Glen

The Blues Brothers

Allen & Glen

Wally Teimer, Elvis Gold