It was a sold out crowd who waited with eager anticipation for the ETA stars and the excitement and they weren't disappointed! It has yet to be determined who had the most fun - the crowd or the ETAs because everyone kept a glowing cheerful smile on their face from beginning to end! The show was scheduled to begin at 8:30 pm but the hall was half full by 6:30 thanks to some radio promo during the week describing LadyLuckMusic.Com's latest Elvis event and an article in the Montreal Gazette which had come out the day before highlighting Paul Fracassi (Kid Elvis), who has landed a principal role in the movie "Crime Spree" which stars Harvey Keitel.
Montreal couldn't wait to see headliner Anthony Von from Toronto, who is known as Canada's #1 ETA, in action! They screamed as he crooned and his vocal perfection was only topped off by his charming personality and captivating, professional stage presence!
Montreal was also thrilled to see the return of the exciting Ron Starr from Chicago! His energetic vocals and moves got the crowd going and the ladies loved it! Everyone appreciated his "power" songs and that little splash of humor he incorporated in his performance!
Of course, who isn't delighted when a 13 year old little Elvis makes his way through the crowd? When Paul Fracassi, clad in the "Tiger" jumpsuit entered the hall, the spot light had trouble finding him! When the audience's eyes finally made contact, shrills of ooh's and aah's and "isn't he cute" could be heard, but by the time he'd finished performing, he had them in an uproar!
Enjoy the pictures and captions and find out a bit more on the event ad it's performers!