LLM would like to thank the following wonderful people for the countless hours of help in making up the beautiful pages covering the Ottawa Elvis Festival!

Doug McCready (& wife Linda) - LLM’s Montreal stage manager, coordinator and photographer for live shows and exterior photo coverage. Thanks Doug, you did a fabulous job and left no stone unturned!

Patsy Parker (&husband Dan, Pat’s assistant camera man) - LLM’s photographer for live shows and exterior photo coverage. Although Pat gives us great pics, she has evolved as a videographer and gave us some great cam shots. Thanks Pat, hope your feet aren’t too sore!

LLM’s “CC”, director of Promotions, who worked hand in hand with the festival, was in charge of the promotions for the festival. Read CC’s beautiful review by clicking here -Thanks CC, you did a great job!

We’d also like to thank Moe Morrissette, festival organizer, for having the vision and the courage to execute this show. Kudos Moe, you did one heck of a job running this 1st annual event. Month’s of work - coordinating the entertainment, tech support, and hotel arrangements - aligning the sponsors, combined with much stress we’re sure....and the list goes on - You kept that smile on your face all the while, were a gracious host and you allowed the fans to have a great time! Congratulations!

Thanks also to Mike Morrissette, Moe’s brother and co-organizer, for the tremendous efforts put into keeping everyone “glued” together! And thanks to Pierre Guindon, Moe and Mike’s uncle too.