Jordanaires L to R: Gordon Stoker, Curtis Young, Louis Nunley, Ray Walker

Sweet Inspirations: Estelle, Portia & Myrna with Joanna

The exceptional ExSpence Account Show Band from Chicago who never missed a beat, performed for the artists all weekend long!

Ryan Pelton “gettin’ down” with the fans!

The Sweet Inspirations on stage performing their hit song, “Sweet Inspiration“

Al Dvorin “Elvis has left the building” hosting the event

Ryan Pelton with the Jordanaires during the Saturday night concert

Ryan Pelton & the Jordanaires in the ‘57 Ottawa concert re-creation.

Al Dvorin graciously accepting producer Dan Lentino’s introduction to the stage.

Paul Ross with the ExSpence Account Show Band during the “That’s The Way It Was” performance.

The audience couldn’t flash their bulbs fast enough when Kid Elvis Paul Fracassi was on stage!

Mike Morrissette backed by the Sweet Inspirations during the “Last Concert” segment

Festival organizer Moe Morrissette with promotions director “CC” and brother Mike.

“Strike a pose”? Shawn Klush with Joanna after the show

Ryan Pelton on stage outside with the ExSpence Account show band during the opening ceremonies Friday.

“CC” with Johnny Loos before show time

The Jordanaires, Sweet Inspirations and the band getting ready to welcome Shawn Klush, as security escorted him to the stage.

The Jordanaires and ExSpence Account Show Band perform with Shawn Klush in the incredible re-creation of the Aloha Concert.

Shawn Klush warmly greets and thanks the fans for attending the performance after his first number.