Rob Moncreif from Peterborough does TV commercials

Dan Champagne from Cornwall (check out the abs, Dan also runs a fitness center)

Michael Jay is from Mexico, N.Y.

A TV reporter giving instructions before the opening ceremonies shows began - side views of Mike Morrissette (L), Paul Ross (M) and Marcus Wells (R)

Armando Naftalie with a big “hello” to Ottawa from Montreal

Chief organizer of the festival Moe Morrissette with Al Dvorin

Louis Nunley, Ryan Pelton & Ray Walker

“CC” greeting Ryan Pelton

Mike Morrissette on stage

James Begley saying “Thanks” on his first place win!

A cute comment made by a fan that Johnny Loos & Joanna obviously find very amusing

Stacey & Paul Ross taking a break from the action

James Begley and his wife posing with Paul Ross

Mr. Dan Lentino greeting the audience before the Saturday afternoon’s shows were about to begin

The ten piece ExSpence Account Show Band played on all three days of the festival, tirelessly backing all the showcased performers as well as the contestants.

Marcus Wells during the Gospel segment

Joanna, Shwn, and “CC”.