Ryan Pelton has had a busy year with Legends In Concert and many large productions, with television and personal appearances filling in the days off since his last trip to Montreal. He's earned the reputation, since winning the "Images Of Elvis" contest in 2000, of creating the best 50's Elvis persona. Audiences throughout the USA and Canada have come to know, love and appreciate his magical, humble Elvisy charm - that genuinely reflects his own personality! The Montreal fans couldn't wait to see Ryan on May 3rd & 4th, in eager anticipation of his walking around the venues, singing and portraying Elvis in the early 50's, the army years and Blue Hawaii movie segment tunes, touching their hearts with the subtle wit and ever so charming character. When Ryan appeared on national television the early morning of Friday May 3rd, all were watching and the few remaining tickets for both venues were sold out in minutes! For the fans, it's one step closer to touching their idol, EP. They never imagined Ryan could surpass his previous performances - and when he surprised them all by including a third era of EP entertainment and come out in a jumpsuit, you couldn't contain the frenzy of the fans rising to their feet and screaming! The vision of EP complete - Ryan Pelton is truly an ETA star!