I was telling my clients about the show the I had seen, some of my clients and friends that I bowl with went to see Ryan in May of 2002 they thought that he was great and wanted to know when the next show . Went to see Anthony Von and Ron Starr with my friends and clients everyone had a great time. In Aug. 2002 I asked Joanna to put a show together for my birthday, and Joanna and Jimmy did a wonderful job. Danny Boy Squire and Gino Monopoli were there , all my friends and family enjoyed them. With all the pictures that I had on the counter at work I thought it would be nice to put them on the wall. My brother Franco who is also an Elvis fan helped me to put the pictures up. He did a good job.All my clients like my " ELVIS WALL" they say it is very nice.I had my picture taken with most of the ETAS they were very nice about it so I think it would be nice to put there picture upon the wall, to show how much I appreciated the time they took to talk and sign pictures.It is also some thing for customers to talk about, most of them are fans of Elvis. I enjoyed all the ETAS that I have seen in Montreal very much, there are a few that I would like to see again , not in any order FRANKIE CASTRO : GLENN AITCHISON :ANTHONY VON :RYAN PELTON : GINO MONOPOLI :SHON CARROLL : RON STARR :JOHNNY THOMPSON :JIM BARONE :REGGIE RANDOLPH :MICHAEL HOOVER : GARY ELVIS BRITT : and also DANNY BOY SQUIRE ; and ERNIE just to name a few. My friends also like to see most of the ETAS that I just named. I like the music of the ETAS that I have C D S that I play almost all day long , but every one at work likes it too. Can't wait until the next show to come. May God bless and take care. Your friend Anna.

A lovely woman with a warm smile and a heart of gold! That’s Anna Watkins of Montreal. We’ve dubbed her “ETA Fan Of The Year” for a good reason - Though she may have her favorites kept tucked away in a special place in her heart, she appreciates and loves them all equally because of the respect they have shown to Elvis by keeping his memory alive. And yes, Anna is a big Elvis fan. Anna owns a hair salon (Salon Ambiance) in the Montreal suburb of LaSalle. Ambiance? You bet ya, she always had Elvis music piped in through her sound system, which had her customers humming and singing along - sweet voices amid the hum of hairdryers. Actually, quite a delightful feeling. The soothing voice of the “King” afforded many a client a mini siesta while scalps were being massaged! After hearing about an ETA show, Anna convinced her late husband John to attend. “Someone impersonating Elvis? This I gotta see” The LLM show featured Ryan Pelton - Anna was hooked! That was two years ago and she has become a wonderful part of the LLM team, she’s even hosted her own show, now uses her shop as a ticket outlet and ETA CDs are played daily! Also, now when the fans come in to buy their tickets, they’re treated to her famous “ETA Wall Of Fame”.
When I asked Anna about why she wanted to decorate her little shop with the photos of all the ETAs she'd seen at the various shows, her reply almost made me cry.
After the loss of her husband of almost 25 years,
which was not too long after seeing her first show
with him, she felt such an emptiness in her heart, she never thought she could go on. Anna tried to occupy her mind with work - lots of work - so as not to think too much about it. She also attended every LLM show and listened faithfully to ETAR as she browsed through the pages of the LLM site. It's easy to get to know an ETA that way, one can easily contact them through the e-mail and the ETA usually gets back to the fans.
Anna commented on how kind the ETAs were, how they all cared - how true they were to the memory of Elvis - how proud Elvis would have been that the ETA took the time to emulate him. As each LLM live show passed, Anna would collect autographed photos and souvenirs of each ETA. Having spoken to them in person, she stored the conversations in her mind - then in her heart, she kept the memories of how each individual ETA was special. She loves them all equally, because she says that LLM "only presents the best, the most humble, the kindest and gentlest ETA to the forefront, whether it's at a live show, or on the radio show". Like an ETA WALL OF FAME, these artists photos are proudly displayed in her hair salon and throughout her shop. "I love these boys, they have filled a void in my heart, they allow me to see that being a true friend to other people and showing a kindness to one and other, is what life is meant to be about- and life does go on - ". As Anna's clients come in the shop and comment on these photos, she will tell a little charming story that truly identifies the loving chacter of the Elvis Tribute Artist. Thank you Anna, God Bless!

I was asked by my friend Flo to go see "ELVIS" an impersonator. My husband John and I didn't know what to expect. We went with our friends, we both enjoyed the show very much. We saw RYAN PELTON , in Feb.2001 John stayed to the end of the show even though his health wasn't very good. Then John and I saw the first LLM Showcase, but because of John's health we just went Saturday May 2001.
We went with about 20 friends everyone enjoyed the show. The ETAs were great. I went to the next show with friends I bowl with, it was girls night out, we all had a great time. I missed one show it was just a few weeks after John died. I went back in Feb.2002 when the Peoples Choice Contest was on. I especially liked GINO MONOPOLI, GLENN AITCHISON and SHON CARROLL they were great. I didn't have any pictures from that show because my sister's camera didn't work. I got a few ETAS to sign my business cards. I have them on the wall also. I went to the variety show and I enjoyed it very much everyone was great. I saw Engelbert who is my favorite singer; and Tom Jones and more entertainers.

How Anna got started....in her own words....

PIcs by Patsy Parker

Story by Joanna Johnson