Of course he’d been an Elvis fan even before he got his first album at the age of ten for Christmas that year and he’d gone to every Elvis movie and bought every Elvis record. That wasn’t hard because his mother was a huge Elvis fan too! Bobby had a band in high school called the “Catalina’s” and recorded “He’s Got You” in Nashville in 1986, which made #19 on an independent country chart. That wasn’t enough to inspire him to become a full time singer or impersonator and so he attended college to earn his BSc in management, which led him to a career in Human Resources, where he’s worked for the past twenty years, and just dabbled in singing for the love of music. During college however, he met and became life long friends of the late Orion Jimmy Ellis. He was familiar with the struggle of success in the music industry, simply by being so close to Jimmy, and Bobby wasn’t sure he could make it in show business professionally and didn’t pursue a career as a tribute artist. This love of music led him to make a CD for private enjoyment with family and friends, while his part time work involves the safeguarding and promotion of Orion’s estate, recordings and reputation. A true and trusted friend, who loved his best friend and loves the music of Elvis.

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LOCATION: Macon, Georgia