With Kentucky Rain

From the age of six, he emulated the greatest entertainer of all time - his favorite singer, Elvis. He would jump up on the table, with a towel around his shoulders for a cape, holding a carrot in his hand for a mic and wailing out his rendition of Hound Dog and Don’t Be Cruel for family and friends. Dave grew up to be blessed with a wonderful voice that resembled Elvis’ and dreamed of recreating the magic of Elvis’ performances on stage. He formed his band “Kentucky Rain“ and began that magical tour, playing at venues across California. Dave & Kentucky Rain are favorites at the Hard Rock Cafe and attract a very wide spread clientele, who obviously adore them. Dave takes pride in paying meticulous attention to detail in choreography and costumes, and boasts that all members of his group love not only what they do as performers, but they are all fanatics about loving Elvis!

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