“Unfinished Business ”

Being an ETA for 25 years, means you really enjoy what you’re doing - more over, that the people enjoy the entertainment of the ETA! Trained by a coach to sing many styles of music, including Gospel, Jack soon realized his potential as an ETA and always having kept Elvis in his heart, he would soon prove to be a wonderful entertainer. Elvis was to perform in Maine on Aug. 18 th, ’77 - in ‘99, Jack was part of a tribute show at that same Center, as a gift to the people of Maine, who never got to see Elvis’ show. Jack as an ETA with respect for Elvis, named his tribute show “Unfinished Business” on that very night and continues to take care of “unfinished business”, performing around the US to Canada, to large and small audiences alike, spreading a message of peace. While competing at the Elvis Extravaganza finals in Nevada on Jan. 6, 2002, Jack received the Humanitarian Award!

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LOCATION: Rockledge, Fl