Was Jesse Jamminí?

He sure was! Jamminí right along with his dad at band practice many years ago. Thatís what got Jesse his start singing Elvis tunes. His father actually was a tribute artist and encouraged his son to sing for the love of singing. After high school, Jesse sang at Karaoke bars, then a little while later jammed again with live bands on the scene. That led him to enter and win several contests in the Indiana area, as well as recording. Encouraged by the crowd response to his beautiful voice, Jesse focusing always on self improvement, set his goal to become a true professional ETA and succeeded! In just a few short years his career sky rocketed and Jesse began winning several of the biggest contests in the U.S. His voice has become one of the most recognizable vocal performance of the ETA world - his incredible talent now makes him one of the most sought after performers around the globe!


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