Hurrah for Harrah

He’s been hailed as the forerunner of tribute artists around the world. He is said to bear the closest resemblance, from head to toe, roots to personality, to Elvis himself. Vegas thought so, signed him to a three year, six million dollar contract, at the Silverbird Hotel & Casino in 1977. In 1981, he was selected to portray Elvis in the CBS movie “This Is Elvis”. The 40 year career as tribute artist had only one regret for Johnny Harra......He never got to meet his idol, the King of Rock&Roll! Son of a preacher, Johnny began singing in his Dad’s church at the age of eleven. In his late teens, while driving a truck for a trash company, he would sneak over borders to sing in contests, never staying long enough to get the prize money, because he was afraid he’d be missed on the work site. But he did manage to get his start at the Frontier Club in Minnesota, where his talents were discovered. Johnny still performs with his band today.

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LOCATION: Kansas City, Missouri, USA

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