A Ray Of Elvis

Ray says he has only two goals: to make people smile and to properly celebrate Elvis Presley’s life and music by maintaining and perpetuating both his music and his style! He was only 8 yrs. old when Elvis died, but the only music he would listen to until the age of 12, was that of the ‘King’. A chef by trade, Ray didn’t become a professional tribute artist until 1993, when he wooed the crowds covering Elvis’ early years and won the Images Of Elvis Contest in Memphis. His style and talent has grown, enabling him to cover all three eras of Elvis’ career. He has delighted his audiences from North America through Asia, making friends and earning the respect of fans and fellow ETAs. A truly spectacular, refined and humble spirit is projected in each of his performances, bringing a Ray of Elvis into your hearts with memorable pleasure. Now the friends Ray has made have come together to give their love and support in his present time of need. On July 15th, 2001, Ray was the victim in a tragic accident which after several operations and just over one month later, resulted in the loss of his leg. Ray is a courageous man and with the continued prayers and encouragement he receives, Ray Guillemette Jr. will return to entertain us very soon!

LOCATION: Chicopee, Mass, USA

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