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VARIOUS ETA’S LadyLuckMusic 4th Annual Invitational Showcase, Montreal, PQ, October 2004 put on their 4th Annual Invitational Showcase on Oct. 8 & 9 in Montreal. There were 9 outstanding ETA'S from all over to perform for everyone. The ETA'S did a wonderful Tribute to Elvis. Matt Scott sang with his lovely wife doing back up with him. As Matt was singing there was the spirit of Elvis in the room. David Allen had so much energy; he was all over the place. Doing the jumpsuit era, he had the fans dancing in the aisles. Rick Duin's performance was outstanding. His tunes from the moves were nice to hear for a change. Nice work, Rick. Patrick Johnson was awesome in his leather outfit. Patrick had the ladies on the edge of their seats as he did the ‘68 Comeback songs. It was nice to see Jesse Aron again.

Jesse does a great job all the time he's on stage. Jesse asked the fans what they wanted to hear and tried to please every one. What a powerful voice! Ron Moore did a wonderful job on the movie tunes. His voice had chills going up your spine. I loved when Ron did the song "ANGEL." Nice job. Marcus Wells’ voice is out of this world. The crowd were on their feet for more. David Muggeridge doing the gospel in the white suit was just fabulous. David gets better every time I see him sing. When David sings , "ELVIS" is in the room. All the ETA'S have great personalities, and they are all special in one way or other. Try to go to see any of the ETA's perform. You will love them. Keep up the great Tribute to Elvis everyone. Your Number ONE Fan from LaSalle. Anna Saveriano, LaSalle, Quebec

ADAM LEYK (Adam Elvis), King of the Northwest competition, Cloverdale, British Columbia, September 2004
Adam is a life-long Elvis fan, but a relative newcomer to the world of performing on stage. However, his great GI Elvis look and remarkably polished voice earned him a strong second place finish in his first-ever competition. Adam said he has Brian "Elvis" Simpson, a more
seasoned local tribute artist, to thank for taking the time to tutor him in the art of performing Elvis, at no cost. The ladies at Adam's first competition just couldn't get enough of the newest "young Elvis" to hit the local circuit. Adam plans to compete in other major festivals.
His futureas a tribute artist looks bright indeed.
Sandor Gyarmati, Vancouver, British Columbia


TRAVIS LEDOYT. Love For Elvis Fan Club Event. Woodbridge, Ontario. October 2004

Wow! What can I say! Another amazing show by Travis LeDoyt. This was my third time seeing Travis in concert and I loved every minute of it. He has so much stage presence and such a great personality and sense of humor. The way he flirts with the audience makes each person feel that they are the only one in the room. When you watch someone so dynamic and original, you go home wanting more. His look and moves are like no one else's but Elvis himself. When you watch him move and caress the stage with his body you swear you've gone back 50 years and you’re sitting front row at Elvis' show. Travis does nothing less than a superb 50's Elvis! He has such a natural look and, might I add, the best hair! Don't be surprised if he wipes out a comb and styles it right in front of you. Even if you don't have a front seat, don’t worry as he walks around in the crowd and doesn't forget about anyone. And he always has time for a meet and greet after all of his shows. So if you haven't seen Travis LeDoyt yet, I would advise you to book your tickets now for his next show. And a thank you to Ronda (fan club president) for putting on such a nice show. I hope you can get Travis back really soon! Brooke Cowitz, Dundas, Ontario.

RICK WADE (recent winner of Visions of Elvis in the South) Gaffney, South Carolina . October 2004.

Rick Wade recently performed at Brookview care facility for the annual Oktoberfest. I found out about Rick through their festival and events brochure and found out that he lives just 50 miles from me and had recently won the Visions of Elvis in the South contest. After hearing him perform I can see why. Before the show began he took out the time to talk and have pictures made and then again after the show. I found that he is a very humble man. His performance was strong, with a very Elvis-like voice and much charisma. He made the show fun and at one point he called for volunteers (I had joined in) and had us dance with leis he had placed around our necks while he sang “Blue Hawaii” (and, beautifully, I might add). Rick sang many songs of Elvis's and hit each note with strong and unbelievable similarity to that of Elvis. Scarves were handed out as well as stuffed animals.....he was just a real crowd pleaser, singing to anyone whose birthday it might be also. The show ended with an excellent performance of 'American Trilogy'. Rick really cheered the audience and for so many that are confined to the facility, gave them a lot of happiness. His schedule can be seen at or he can be e-mailed at Betsy Humphries, South Carolina


JOHN LOOS. Elvis Fantasy Fest, Indiana. October 2004.
On the weekend of October 8, 9, 10 I attended the Elvis FANtasy Fest in Portage, Indiana. This was the 12th annual contest, with all money raised going to the Special Olympics. A dinner followed by a sockhop was held Friday evening. Saturday was the first day of the contest, with 15 ETA's performing. Saturday evening was a concert with the showcase performers. They were Dwight Icenhower, Matt King, Robert Washington, and Quentin Flagg. These four guys had the place rockin' all evening. On Sunday, the 2nd round of the contest was held with the 15 ETA's performing in reverse order. After the scores were totaled for both days, Kavan and Chris Wilson tied for 2nd and 3rd. The winner of the Elvis FANtasy Fest was Johnny Loos. Johnny is a fabulous performer and he gives his all to each and every performance he does. He always has time for his fans and it is always a real treat not only to watch him perform but to also hear him sing. Johnny captures the spirit of Elvis in both showmanship and his appreciation to his fans and it is always a real treat not only to watch him perform but to also hear him sing. Johnny captures the spirit of Elvis in both showmanship and his appreciation to his fans and my congratulations go out to him. -
Marjorie, Manilla, Iowa


ELVIS JUNIOR. Recent show, Willebroek, Belgium
Dear Elvis friends, Just saw Elvis Junior in Dancing Carre in the city of Willebroek in Belgium. Junior winner of the 3rd place at the world championship in Memphis Tennessee 1999 and 2000 is doing great here in Europe he will do some shows with Shaun Nielsen on December 11 and 12, look at the calendar on my website below. Junior was singing with a band from Holland. This was all in a big program for promotion for a CD that you can get with the Belgian newspaper "Het Laatste Nieuws" Every week you can get a CD of another star. So there was a Joe Cocker, Abba and an Elvis impersonator show. In the picture: Junior on the left, in the middle famous television star, doing the presentation of the evening, "Jo met de Banjo" and you see me, Sylvain, on the right.

It is not the first show I see of Junior but every time I see him I'm amazed of his powerful voice and electrifying show so was the audience last Monday. Junior started the show with the song recorded by Elvis 40 years ago "That's Alright Mama" he was playing with a long version of "Suspicious Minds" the great Dutch band followed him all the way that was a surprise for me because they played for the first time with him and did only 1 rehearsal in the afternoon. With songs like "You've Lost that Loving Feeling you could see that the crowd really fell in love with his voice. I really am looking forward for the December shows with Shaun Nielsen.


Tony Roi. Legends in Concert, Myrtle Beach
I saw Tony Roi for the first time recently and words can't express how great an act performing as Elvis he did at Legends in Concert, Myrtle Beach Saturday, October 30th. I was on the edge of my seat when he came out singing, moving, talking and looking like Elvis! He did a lot of the 70's era numbers with white jumpsuit and he had the crowd standing for several songs. He was definitely the star of the entire show that evening and was actually quite ee rie at times because of the uncanny resemblance to Elvis would think it was him in the flesh!
Tony put all he had into the performance with singing and there was even a segment where he and an Ann Margaret entertainer danced together just as she and Elvis had done in the movie, Viva Las Vegas.

He's tops at entertaining and as close to Elvis as an eta could possibly ever be. He ended the show with "My Way" and had the audience standing once again. I have to say it was excellent and I enjoyed meeting him after the show and feel lucky I was there for his last show there before leaving for Branson, Missouri. Betsy Humphries, South Carolina

DANNY OCEAN, Oss, The Netherlands. Recent show.

My name is Bart Koopmans from the Netherlands. I saw a concert by Danny Ocean. It was in a town called Oss at a rock 'n' roll festival. He was moving like Elvis and he talked to the audience and made jokes, just like Elvis did. And his voice well, he is 16 so it's changing. But he was doing very well. I mean he's only 16 but he can be big! The show was perfect and the ladies were screaming. He can really mix up your mind, to letting you believe that Elvis is standing there. Greetings, Bart Koopmans, The Netherlands


DWIGHT ICENHOWER, Marietta, Ohio, November 2004

Dwight Icenhower presented his "Blue Hawaiian Weekend with the King" on Friday & Saturday, November 5 & 6, 2004 in Marietta, Ohio. And what an event it was! It was literally standing room only! Dwight rocked the place both Friday and Saturday! In the words of MC Ronnie Craig, Dwight has to rank in the top 3 of all Elvis Tribute Artists when it comes to having the authentic Elvis sound! He is so close its haunting! I have yet to hear anyone sing "You Gave Me a Mountain" like Dwight! That song brought the audience to their feet! He received numerous standing ovations but none as big as the one he got for that song! Just a superb voice and a superb talent! Not only that he is one terrific guy! Be sure to check out Dwight when you get the opportunity! Joe Clark , Morehead, KY

KAVAN, Marietta, Ohio, November 2004

Marietta, Ohio came alive this past Friday & Saturday (November 5 & 6, 2004) as Kavan took the stage in Dwight Icenhower's "Blue Hawaiian Weekend with the King" ETA Showcase and Contest. Kavan competed in the contest; pouring his heart into every song. He gave it 110%, earning him 2nd place as well as the People's Choice Award.After the contest, all the ETA's joined Dwight and his band and special guests the legendary D.J. Fontana and Cynthia Pepper (co-star of Elvis movie "Kissin' Cousins") for a 2 hour jam session. Kavan once again had the crowd in an absolute frenzy! He was all over the place...including the table tops! had seen Kavan perform before in the past, but it was nothing like he did this weekend! Just an EXCELLENT job! He would have made Elvis very proud, I’m sure! Be sure to catch KAVAN when he is in your area! Website: Joe Clark, Morehead, KY


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WILLIAM STILES, Memories Theatre, Pigeon Forge. November 2004
I just left Pigeon Forge, TN on a vacation with my parents and got to finally see the Elvis and Friends show at Memories Theatre. William Stiles, who they call Bill for some strange reason, is the headliner there. Let me say if you want to see Elvis go see William. He's got the Elvis looks, the Elvis moves, and the most incredible Elvis voice that I've ever heard. I've seen many, many impersonators all over the country and from different parts of the world. While some of them are good in what they do, I've never seen anyone as close to Elvis in his performance as William Stiles. He even talks and laughs like Elvis. I got to speak with him briefly after his show and it all makes sense why he's the top impersonator to see. He’s a Memphis boy so the sound is just as natural as it was with Elvis. He's a very sweet guy and takes the time with all the fans, even to the point of staying when all the lights are going out in the theatre just to visit with everyone. Charlie Hodge backs William up in his performance giving him scarves and also singing harmony with him as he did Elvis.


Charlie fully supports William in his performance and told me personally that it is such a delight to work with him because of his incredible gift. He's worked with many ETA's and watched their performances but in his opinion William is the best he's had the pleasure of working with or watching. If you get the opportunity to see William perform, it is well worth the trip and expense. I promise you won't be disappointed. Sincerely, Cynthia Baker


JAMES ROMPEL, Elvis Expo 2004, Las Vegas, Nevada. October 2004

Elvis Expo was held on Hallowe’en Weekend in Las Vegas, and I only just found out about it 3 days beforehand. Raised on Elvis, and being a 21 year old fan who likes to swivel her hips as much as the King, I was bound and determined to go. The weekend began with the opening of convention booths and the contest where the first and second wave of various ETA's from around the world would compete for a chance to win up to $4,000. This was on Friday. There were ETA's not only from Canada and the United States, but from Japan, Austria, Germany, England and Brazil. I was excited that my favorite ETA, James Rompel(top pic), was to be performing and competing. The next thing was the Sock-Hop dance hosted by DJ and radio personality Stephen Christopher. At the front of the room they had booths set up and sitting behind them were the faces I was longing to see all my life! Wonderful guitarist "Play the song James," James Burton, Glen Hardin the amazing pianist, talented vocalist and actor, Terry Mike Jeffrey, DJ Fontana, sweet little Charlie Hodge, and the Imperials. I had the great opportunity to meet Myrna Smith during Saturday morning luncheon just before the third wave of ETA's performed. This time, James Rompel was able to perform and he did a fantastic job. He is one of my very favorites because he looks and seems to feel the music from his soul. When he was on stage, he sang some of my favorite Elvis songs such as "If I Can Dream." I had my picture taken with him at the end of his performance. He seemed sincere, compassionate, and very spiritual. I had a picture taken with another favorite ETA of mine, Justin Shandor(bottom pic). But I think James takes the cake with his great sense of humor and his big heart. The rest of the Elvis Expo was incredible. There was the legendary show, "A Night to Remember the King," where Mr. Jeffrey sang on stage with Charlie Hodge. The Sweet Inspirations and Imperials brought down the house! It is one thing to listen to a CD or tape, but sitting in that room waiting with anticipation and that curtain goes up, the music vibrates inside of you as if it were a part of your very being. It was amazing! On Sunday, there was the gospel brunch and the final ETA show with Dean Z, Justin Shandor, Matt King, and James Rompel. I hope they continue to have these Expo's. My word of advice to all Elvis fans out there: go to Elvis Expo 2005! It is an experience you will never forget! Jessie from Arizona, USA.

BRYAN MUSE, Recent Alabama show.

Hello, my wife recently discovered your website. We had the pleasure to see and hear a wonderful tribute artist recently named Bryan Muse. He was playing at a rock-n-roll festival in northwest Alabama. The show was fabulous from beginning to end. Bryan’s show band that we heard that night was one of the closest to the TCB Band I have ever heard -- especially the guitarist and drummer. Wow!!! I am a huge fan of the King as well as many ETA's and let me tell you this guy is the real deal!!! If you have not heard of him, you will. Great look, great voice, great band!!! Top notch show. We are retired and travel a bunch. We plan our vacations around Elvis events and ETA performances. This event was the highlight of our holiday last year!!! If you ever have a chance to catch the show, by all means take advantage of it. Thank you and all the ETA’s for keeping the music alive. Take care, Billy Smith.


JEFF KRICK, Gaithersburg, MD - November 2004

One of the ETAs at this year's 4th Annual "Salute to the King" held in Gaithersburg, MD was Jeff Krick from Pennsylvania. I've seen Jeff perform his Tribute to Elvis on three previous occasions and even though I thought he was great the first time I saw him, I think that he just keeps getting better. Jeff sounds so much like Elvis and can sing a ballad with such tenderness that it makes you feel he's singing just for you, but when it comes to those rockin’ tunes, he makes those chains jiggle and the fringe fly! I was fortunate enough to see Elvis in concert and Jeff has the same charisma Elvis had making everyone in the audience feel special. Jeff did a fantastic job at the show and had the audience begging for more. There will never be another Elvis, but Jeff's tribute surely is "Fit For a King." Jeff will be appearing in concert with the Stamps Quartet on March 12, 2005, a show which should not be missed by any Elvis fan. For more info on Jeff Krick or his upcoming shows visit his website at Jeanne W. - Philadelphia, PA


DANNY GRANGER & TIM E. Goderich, Ontario. November 2004

I saw Tim 'E' (right) and Danny Granger (left) at the Goderich Livery. It was a nice small town and a really nice little Theatre. Danny came out first and did the early years of Elvis and his moves were great and he did the ballads so well. Then Tim 'E' came out and did the 68 Comeback Special. It was so good! Then Danny came out again and did some songs from the movie years and some Christmas songs. It really made it feel like we we're getting closer to Christmas and was so nice. Danny left the stage and all of a sudden you heard the 2001 Odyssey playing and felt the excitement. Tim 'E' Came out in the Conch Jumpsuit from the early 70's. The Show was so good and I hope to see them both again in a show together! They were so great and I loved it!!!! Thanks Guys, Cecilia Fulker