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_________interview with Travis Ledoyt

Travis feels it is important to constantly strive to be better and to try new ventures...he performs regularly at casinos in the South and in Iowa, and he recently tried his hand at acting when he took the lead role in a production of King Creole -- again, receiving rave reviews. Travis was brought into Sun Records by WS Holland to record a CD with several rockabilly musicians, including WS (who was a participant in the original Million Dollar Quartet recordings) and Travis is currently planning another CD which will involve writing and recording his own original “50's style” songs similar to those that Elvis recorded.

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This month’s live interview features
Travis LeDoyt, an ETA who hails from Greenfield, Massachusetts, and who is now based in Nashville, Tennessee. Travis was born in l977 - the same year Elvis died.

I first heard of Travis LeDoyt right after his second ever public performance when a fan, who is now Travis’ fan club president, sent me a videotape of “an absolutely awesome ETA” she had just seen performing at a local mall. After watching the tape, I, too, was impressed -- both with Travis’ remarkable resemblance to the “young Elvis” and with his overall performance which, for a ‘beginner,” was also remarkable. That was three years ago..

Foreword written by Carol Hunter
Audio interview conducted by Joanna Johnson


Pic courtesy of www.travisledoyt.com

Since then, Travis has been working steadily making a name for himself as one of the top ““young Elvis”” entertainers out there. He’’s performed at the Tupelo Elvis Festival for the last two years and is slated to perform there again this year (the Festival runs on June 6, 7, 8, 2003). Rockabilly artist, W. S. Holland (drummer for Elvis, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash), had met Travis at the 2000 Jackson Rockabilly Festival and was so impressed with his performance and similarity to the young Elvis that he later traveled to the Tupelo Festival, stopped Travis’ show and presented him with the actual plaid jacket that Elvis had worn on the Ed Sullivan show –– despite the scorching heat, Travis wore the jacked for the remainder of his show. Of course, Travis had to give it back after the Festival!! [Elvis and W.S. were longtime friends and Elvis gave the jacket to W.S. in the late l950's around the time they were both drafted into the army.]

Travis has also performed at the annual Rockabilly Festival in Jackson, Tennessee with Marty Stuart, Stan Perkins and other rockabilly artists. He has opened for both Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard at other shows.

And, as you may already have read on ETARadio, last September Travis traveled to Chile, South America where, along with ETA Garry Wesley, he earned rave reviews from the enthusiastic audiences who watched his performances both on TV and live in concert.

It is Elvis’ “50's style rockabilly” era that Travis has concentrated on as an ETA as he feels that it’s the era he does best and it’s the music that is closest to his heart and that he loves to listen to and to sing. Indeed, he captures the energy and enthusiasm of the young Elvis himself! When asked if he had any advice for up and coming ETA’s, Travis states that each one should do what they feel is right for them, and to only do it if they love it -- as he does.

You can hear Travis’ complete answers and comments in his live interview with Joanna Johnson of ETARadio --.and try to catch one of Travis’ live performances..you’ll be impressed!!

For further information, see www.travisledoyt.com

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