“A Tribute To Elvis”

He grew up singing to Elvis records, like every other shy young Elvis fan, and mostly sang to a girl rather than in public. But that all changed in ‘71, when his live-in girlfriend had invited some friends over for a Sunday afternoon get-together, and convinced him to bring out his guitar and sing Blue Suede Shoes. After the friends went wild and convinced him to sing on talent night at a local bar that same night, Alan was easily convinced to take a serious look at a career as an entertainer. By ‘73, a Seattle booking agent saw Alan sing and gave him his big break in a supper club, when Gary Lewis & The Playboys had to cancel a performance. Traveling the world, receiving superlatives from media, letting everyone become familiar and ecstatic with “Alan, A Tribute To Elvis”, has allowed him to enjoy over a 30 year career in the industry, both live and recording. Yet Alan maintains he does not try to copy, but simply pays tribute, to the King of Rock & Roll!

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