“Keepin’ The Peace”

Peace keeper in law enforcement was his job in California - until he realized a career in music was a more rewarding and satisfying position! Daniel is an accomplished musician and songwriter, performing cover country tunes and originals with his band for twenty-four years. When he began singing Elvis songs, the crowd went wild and Daniel began yet another career as an ETA in 1992. He has been thrilling audiences since then with his uncanny resemblance to the King - not to mention his incredible vocal likeness. His mellow, charming character has captured the hearts of many and his versatile style of music pleases everyone from young to old. Daniel has recorded and engineered seven CDs, the latest entitled “ I’m Not Any Other Man” which is a contribution to country, rockabilly and blues, is now on the market. His degree of excellence in performance allows him to shine in the eyes of all who come to see him, and Daniel still emits the message of peace......

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