From DJ, to actor, to ETA, B.K does it all with a flair! He’s been entertaining people professionally for thirteen years now , though his passion is to always pay tribute to his idol, Elvis. Driving somewhere with his mother in the family’s old pickup truck, B.K heard the news of Elvis’ passing on the radio. His mother was visibly shaken and BK , aged five then, felt the sadness she and probably the world was feeling. That inspired him to practice every Elvis tune he could and by the age of fifteen, he’d put on his first show. BK has played various styles of music, including original compositions and pursued other avenues of entertainment such as acting and production. And all music makes him happy! He’s a definite crowd pleaser, enjoying the audience’s appreciation of his wonderful voice! Though he loves Elvis, his first love is vocal group harmony and doo-wop, so that is where his life is leading him at the moment - to another country and another group, with fresh new opportunities - one never knows what’s behind the next door!

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