Growing up with Elvis’ music is a familiar story in the life of any Elvis fan, but it was seeing an Orion (Jimmy Ellis) show that inspired Harvey to piece together a jumpsuit and sing at a Halloween party in 1982, winning the admiration of all his friends! Navy life kept him busy until his retirement in 1995, then back to his old high school to teach as an ROTC instructor, but he never could scratch the professional itch of performing as an ETA until the year 2000. Singing at several parties and private functions over all those years, and receiving positive feedback from audiences, he thought the time might finally be right. Harvey took a little vacation, got to tour Graceland and Sun Studios, met other ETAs and Charlie Hodge, and that gave him the final inspiration! He now owns his own jumpsuit and performs at benefits, corporate functions, parties, weddings, remains active as church musical director & inevitably teaches his class to “salute” this busy, happy, ETA!

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