It’s All In The Hair!

A wash, 1/2 hr. blow dried, comb it in place and spray it down - that’s the hair - every day! He’s also six foot four and can’t walk into a shopping mall without getting attention! But that’s OK, ‘cause he’s a very popular tribute artist in Canada. The son of two professional ballroom dance champions, Brian listened to Engelbert, was put in a Tom Jones tux, and started singing at the age of three! Elvis was his idol and his mom actually made him fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches and let him watch Elvis movies. He’s had a very extraordinary life and his goal is to compete on an international level with other tribute artists. In the meantime, he keeps on getting hired to sing “Elvis” because he puts his heart into it. A man who loves his job! In conjunction with “One Night Productions”, Brian can be reached by phone at: (604) 951-3488 or by fax at: (604) 951-3435.

LOCATION: Surrey, B.C., Canada

Audio Sample

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