Tried and True

Born and raised in the South, Johnny grew up with his parent’s love for Elvis. He was schooled in Texas and Illinois, where he majored in theater and enjoyed a career in acting and modeling. But way before the eye of the camera, he’d been putting on shows since the age of ten, while dressed in white bell-bottomed pants and silk shirts and would lip-sync to the Elvis records for his back yard audiences. Johnny was so taken by his idol, he’d sent off a fan letter to Elvis, asking if Elvis could teach him how to play guitar. Shortly after, while vacationing in Mississippi with his family, John wondered if a reply had been sent to his house back home. The letter never came and the family was devastated by the shocking news of Elvis’ death. A few years passed and Johnny began his career as a pro ETA, founding the “Elvis Entertainers Network” and becoming one of the biggest Vegas headliners, performing the three eras of Elvis and keeping the memory of his idol alive. A few years ago, Johnny sold his EEN company and recently formed PEIA, Professional Elvis Impersonators Association, and is now based in Las Vegas. Though his schedule is very hectic, Johnny still managed to entertain across North America and performed in LLM’s “ Montreal Performers Showcase in 2001” to the delight of all.

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LOCATION: Las Vegas, Nevada