“ From Vancouver To Vegas”

By the time Darren was in 5th grade, he had been taught how to play guitar and had recorded an album with a choir, under the direction of that teacher, who happened to be a Nun! At the tender age of 14, his accomplishments included many stage performances, contests, touring in the “Elvis Elvis Elvis” show, and an 8 month stint with lead billing in the dinner theatre production of “Rock & Roll Heaven”. In 1994, he was recognized as Canada’s #1 Elvis tribute artist, then toured Australia, but took a decision to move to Vancouver as his production company “Legacy Live” had recently done. More tours and contests followed and Darren captured the title of #3 Elvis tribute artist in Memphis in 1995. He made 3 more trips to Memphis and in 1997, he won 1st place. Although a very popular act throughout Canada, Darren now stars in “American Superstars” at the Stratosphere Hotel & Casino in Vegas. A wonderfully talented and true professional, this man is going far!

LOCATION: Edmonton, Alta.

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