“Slots Steered Slater’s Success”

When an Elvis tribute artist is looking for enough money to get started in the business, he only dreams of something like this to happen - Hitting a slot machine to afford him buying an Elvis suit! That dream came true for Mike about seven years ago at a casino in Tunica Mississippi. An Elvis fan since receiving the Christmas gift of an Elvis album at the age of six, Mike only began singing at a local Karaoke bar twenty years later. The audience was in awe of his rendition of “It’s Now Or Never” and that encouraged him to become a Karaoke junkie, going from club to club for about one year, until he won a prize of $1500.00. That’s where he was approached by someone to perform with pay, as Elvis, at a private birthday party. Mike and his wife had planned vacation to Memphis and left shortly after the job offer. On the flight home, Mike was trying to figure out how he was going to come up with enough money to get the equipment and clothes he would need to do his first professional gig. The connecting flight with stop over in Mississippi, held the answer. With his $2500.00 winnings, Mike headed for home, died his hair black, grew his sideburns, bought musical equipment and had an Elvis suit made and did that birthday gig. He’s been doing 23 successful shows a year ever since - without looking back!

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