“King Aloha ”

It all started as a Halloween persona and grew from there, though being an Elvis fan sure helped speed up the process! Doug started performing his King Aloha Show back in 1996, recreating the Vegas era for corporate & bar venues in the Toronto area and earning the reputation of being a real crowd pleaser!
An art director by day, Doug finds performing Elvis is the ultimate way to unwind - almost a rejuvenating experience! "I couldn't believe how willing people were to go along with the illusion - it goes to show you the special place that people still have in the hearts
for Elvis". Though Doug performs his King Aloha shows on a regular basis, he is no stranger to the contest scene, placing second in Collingwood 2001 and scheduled to participate in 2002. A pleasant man with a warm smile, a great voice, big heart - equaling one dynamic entertainer!

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LOCATION: Toronto, Ont.