“Dream Came True ”

Though his idol was always Elvis, he never imagined that one day he’d become an ETA. That ambition was only realized a few years ago, after many a night in a Karaoke bar. When encouraged to take a serious look at the possibility of emulating his idol on a real stage, Richard decided he needed a look and a band! Wanting to cover all three eras, he had the Gold Lame made, then on to the leather and then contacted designer Bill Belew of B & K Enterprises and had the Eagle suit made! Richard hired the best 5 piece band his money could afford and began a five month rehearsal, heading out to cabarets and corporate functions to see if he could cut it. The response was great! Now Richard and the “King’s Band” are on the road to join the ranks of others who’s dream came true! For the time being, he can be reached by calling the promotional department of Richard Messier, 450-962-1316.

Audio Sample

LOCATION: Laval, Quebec